The Brethren Sock Pattern is UP!!!

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For those of you who got the pattern for being an attendee of the retreat, I will be happy to gift you a copy through ravelry so you may have it in your library and have a digital version of it. Just send me a pm on Ravelry. Also, thanks to Joe (aka Olddancer) we've got our first bit of errata. Next to the instep chart instructions it says:

"For each row, you will first work across all 19 sts of entire chart, then work *16* sts of repeat only." It should read "15 sts of repeat only", not 16. I don't know how it was missed, but it was inevitable and if that's the only error I will be elated (surprised and elated). The error has been fixed on the downloadable PDF from Ravelry.

For those of you who haven't read my comment on my original post about the pattern, I ended my stubborn butt IN the hospital as a patient. No big deal. I had a tooth abscess that infected my lymph nodes and parotid gland under my left mandible. Thinking I could take care of it with some on hand antibiotics from home and delaying proper treatment, I nearly bought myself a tracheostomy. Luckily I caught it in time, but have to receive IV antibiotics and steroids. So, the nurse will now have to become the patient. URGHHH! I couldn't lay here idly in bed (even with good pain meds), so I'm using the time wisely by uploading the pattern and starting a football baby cocoon for my Uncle's new grand-baby. (",)


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Great Job Mill. I will

Great Job Mill. I will purchase one to add to the fund, defintiely something I won't mind doing. It will be on my list of patterns to get sometime soon! I am still on Vacation I don't know If I want to start a new project yet.

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Thank you for the Jogless

Thank you for the Jogless hiking sock pattern. I can hardly wait to get started on it. I am also going to download the Brethren Sock Pattern. You are quite a wonderful gentleman. Thank You once again.

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Glad to hear you are

Glad to hear you are improving, hmmmmm self medicating...sounds familiar

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Not to beat my own drum,

Not to beat my own drum, Mill, but I'm not the fine gentleman Olddancer. [Still, he may have caught the error also.] Thanks for the mention, though. I look forward to knitting this pattern and seeing how it goes. Still uncertain as to which yarn to use...maybe I'll take out several different ones and ponder it a while. Good to hear you are better and didn't require a tracheostomy. Makes me shudder just to think of it.

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So sorry Joe! I had you and

So sorry Joe! I had you and Olddancer Joe emailing me at the same time and got my Joe's mixed up. Both fine gentleman, you and he! I blame it on the! Yeah, the trach would have not been good, especially considering I have a linebacker neck. I think I scared our new ER doc a little. She's been by a few times to check on me. I'm fortunate the steroids and abx have seemed to work quickly on the cellulitis. My temp is down though I still look like I have a huge unilateral goiter.

I can't wait to see your yarn choice. I ended up frogging the grey blue silk merino. It was too splitty and I didn't like the way the cables were coming out, so I need to look in my stash to see if I have a heathery grey or something. If not, oh well, I guess it will give me another excuse to do some yarn shopping (as if I needed one).

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I sort of figured that pain

I sort of figured that pain meds, etc. had something to do with the mixup. As to the yarn, I think I'll take advantage of a very snowy weekend here in Casper to just pull out the sock yarn stash and ponder my options: I want something that will knit up with nice definition but still be a light enough colorway that the cables are readily seen. [Not that cables don't normally stand out - I'm too used to my more subtle design elements.] Too bad that the grey-blue silk/merino didn't work out. Maybe you'll have a similar colorway in another yarn.

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Thanks for making the pattern

Thanks for making the pattern available, and feel better soon! Tracheostomies are expensive, not to mention beyond unpleasant, glad you didn't end up having one!

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Thanks Bob! I was shocked

Thanks Bob! I was shocked how quickly the infection spread. I still can't believe how huge my neck is. The trach would have definitely sucked...can't mess with the money maker...LOL!

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Mill, Thanks for announcing

Thanks for announcing the pattern release. The socks are gorgeous and everyone who sees them absolutely is amazed and loves them. I can't wait to knit "another" pair for myself!

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Sure Russ! Thanks, that's

Sure Russ! Thanks, that's good to hear! I'll pm you about the scholarship fund logistics.

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Mill - this pattern may

Mill - this pattern may actually get me to knit a pair of socks - though I probably should finish that pair I startedd in '06 first.

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Mario, that's hilarious!

Mario, that's hilarious! 2006? Really? Well, you better finish mine if you start them...they're quicker than QAL though maybe not as fun.

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Mmmm. I have to say I

Mmmm. I have to say I finished the QAL faster than most socks I've knit.

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Isn't that the truth!!

Isn't that the truth!!

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Thanks so much Mark. (",)

Thanks so much Mark. (",) I'm feeling much better already. Much of the swelling under my tongue has already subsided and I can at least close my mouth now...mostly.

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Hi Mill, Sorry to hear you

Hi Mill,

Sorry to hear you were under the weather, but I wasn't the least bit surprised to hear that you put the time to good use! You're amazing!


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Thanks Roger! Crazy is more

Thanks Roger! Crazy is more like it. I'm nearly halfway down with my baby cocoon, so I'm going to have to send someone home for knitting reinforcements.

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Mill, Don't you know nurses

Don't you know nurses make terrible patients! This sounds very scary and I bet you get blessed out for doing this. In any case, I hope you make a full recovery.

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We ABSOLUTELY make horrible

We ABSOLUTELY make horrible patients! It was a little scary for a couple of hours, but I got great treatment promptly. My family has just learned to shake their head at this sort of thing and my friends/colleagues are all very much the same as me, so I feel a warming sense of camaraderie actually. Thanks for the well wishes!

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Actually, the very worst

Actually, the very worst patients are probably doctors. Glad you are improving.

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You got that RIGHT!

You got that RIGHT!

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I have a problem with self

I have a problem with self medicating. And I don't have your knowledge. Que estes mejor pronto!

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Gracias mucho Ron! Soy un

Gracias mucho Ron! Soy un idiota.

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Feel Better Quick!

Feel Better Quick!

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Thanks Chris!

Thanks Chris!

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THANKS MILL!! WOW! A new's as exciting as a new batch of yarn for my stash. Looking forward to getting soon as I am done with my current hoodie-sweater project. Peace, bill

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Thanks Bill! I hope you

Thanks Bill! I hope you enjoy it!

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Hey Mill, I'll send you

Hey Mill,
I'll send you positive energy from my rehab bed to your hospital bed. I hope you mend quickly. Antibiotics are amazing these days.