And the 2 are now 1

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David and I made our commitment legal at the Unitarian church in Dubuque Iowa last night. It was a quiet and very small ceremony with only one of my brothers, his wife and their 2 children. David and I are Christians, the service we had turned out to be more special than we thought it probably would have turned out to be. Our service, we assumed, would have been in a parking lot or outside. But instead we had a very meaningful service put together by the minister, his partner of 33 years being in our little audience, and the service was held in the church.
So I have sat here today and run everything through my mind. I have dropped all the announcement cards in the mailbox last night in Dubuque and the last of them made and put into their respective envelopes this afternoon and made ready to be handed out to the recipients in the next few days. I am looking forward at getting my hands back on the needles and get something made. Perhaps I should fire up a sewing machine and whip something together. Hmm…I think I will think about it tomorrow.


Super, wishing you two the

Super, wishing you two the best that life has to offer

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Thanks Everyone!

Thanks Everyone!

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Congratulations and best

Congratulations and best wishes to you both!

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What they said! :) And in

What they said! :) And in Dubuque no less. Makes a former Iowan proud!

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He wanted to go to the middle

He wanted to go to the middle of the state, Fort Dodge/Webster City area. I said no, it will be my first marriage and his third and Dubuque is such a pretty city. And it is close to home, I didn't have to take any time off work... =D

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Beautiful News! thanks for

Beautiful News!

thanks for sharing this. It encourages all of us. All best wishes to you guys


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Congratulations! Maybe

Congratulations! Maybe someday Dani and I can do the same. We have to wait until DOMA is dead though.

Many happy days and stitches to you both!


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Congradulations! It sounds

Congradulations! It sounds spectacular. You have to post some wedding pictures!

beenieg80's picture Seeing how Seeing how much I hate seeing myself in pictures there really weren't many taken, and with the service being so small... But there are some, When the husband gets them downloaded from the camera I'll concider posting at least 1.

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It's your wedding for God's

It's your wedding for God's sake! Be a sport.

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Congratulations and the very

Congratulations and the very best to you and yours!!

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Joining in to say

Joining in to say congratulations and best wishes to both of you.

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Congratulations and more

Congratulations and more importantly, here's to wishing your union a lot of Love and just a bit of Luck.

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Congratulations; both on the

Congratulations; both on the marriage and having the wedding turn out even more special then you thought it would be.

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Thanks guys! Slowly but

Thanks guys!
Slowly but surely I am working to get everything changed over to the new name. =)

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Very Awesome!

Very Awesome! Congratulations!!

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Congratulations! Great news!

Congratulations! Great news!

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Wonderful news, I am so happy

Wonderful news, I am so happy that it was made so special and meaningful, congrats to both of you and have many happy years together.

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