Introducing The Brethren Sock pattern designed exclusively for the Southeast Men's Knitting Retreat...

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Brethren Sock Teaser
(click on the pic to see additional photos on my flickr page)

I was very flattered when Rusty emailed me a few months ago and asked me if I would consider contributing a design for the Southeast Knitting Retreat. I got to work right away and after reviewing my sketch book I decided on a cabled sock pattern. The playful intertwining between the braided plait and classic cables serve as a visual allegory of our tight brotherhood as male knitters—the ties that bind if you will. And let’s face it, a dude can never have enough hand knit socks!!! The sock is knit from the top, down with a traditional heel flap and gusset and is sized from men's US 8-13. The pattern will be distributed to all of the attendees/coordinators of the retreat this weekend and the pattern will go on sale to the public starting next week. All of the proceeds of the pattern will be donated to the Men's Knitting Retreat Scholarship Fund for future retreats. Unfortunately I am unable to attend the retreat this weekend as I'm flying out tonight to present at a medical conference tomorrow, but I wish everyone a great time!


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Thanks, Mill ! ...can't

Thanks, Mill !
...can't believe, as sick as you were, that you managed to publish the pattern!
...looking foward to knitting it!
Please try to get some rest and pamper yourself!

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Sure Bill! Thanks for

Sure Bill! Thanks for procuring a copy! Well, they're not letting me get out of bed except for trips to the BR, and have threatened me with restraints so not much else to do...LOL! I will try to rest, I promise! (",) Hugs!

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What a stunningly handsome

What a stunningly handsome sock!
I have yet to make a real sock yet, but this one certainly captured my attention. It's the nicest designs I have seen yet. Where will it be sold?
Thank you so much for taking the time to think through the pattern and create it for us. I really like how much sturdier the toe and heel look as compared with others I have seen.
Thanks again!

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Thanks so much Mark for your

Thanks so much Mark for your thoughtful and generous comments. It will be sold through Ravelry from my design page. I actually just got admitted to the hospital yesterday so I may not be able to upload it until next week. I had a tooth abscess go array and ended up with a massive infection of my lymph nodes and parotid glands. I'll hopefully be discharged after the abx and steroids go to work so I can swallow again and not look like a bull frog!

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Oh Nooooo...Hope you recover

Oh Nooooo...Hope you recover quickly. Sending good thoughts your way.

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Thanks Joe! I'm already

Thanks Joe! I'm already feeling a bit better.

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Great job, Mill, as always!

Great job, Mill, as always! I was always afraid that a cabled sock would look feminine on a guy but not at all (at least not on your legs). Looks like me hubby is getting another pair of socks! Thanks for the design, the inspiration, and the generous contribution of your time and skills. I'll keep watch for the pattern to go on sale.


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Thanks so much Roger! That's

Thanks so much Roger! That's so sweet! I'll let you guys know as soon as it goes up. (Hopefully by Friday)

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I'll be the 2nd guy from

I'll be the 2nd guy from SEMKR to say thank you for your pattern and support of the SEMKR. As I finish up big projects I plan to do more socks and your pattern is at the top of the list.

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Thanks so much Lou!

Thanks so much Lou!

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Hey, Mill!'s next

Hey, Mill!'s next week!
Where's the pattern????????
(, I'm not at all impatient!)

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Haha...I just have to get

Haha...I just have to get with Rusty to set up the donation stuff. It's ready to upload. I'll let you know as soon as it's ready!

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I want to be Mill when I grow

I want to be Mill when I grow out of my second childhood.

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Glad to know you still love

Glad to know you still love me even though Im a Twi-tard! LOL!

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That is a very hot looking

That is a very hot looking sock. I've not done socks yet, but this one has seduced me. I look forward to giving it a shot.

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Thanks Eric! You should

Thanks Eric! You should definitely give it a shot. I'm available for any questions.

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Mill, Let me be the first

Let me be the first attendee of the SEMKR to personally thank you, not only for your sock pattern, but for your generous donation of future proceeds.

I saw the actual sock in the picture this weekend, and they're absolutely amazing. They were a huge hit!!

Thanks again!!!


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Thanks so much Brent!!! It's

Thanks so much Brent!!! It's so nice to get feedback from an attendee of the retreat! It was my pleasure to be able to participate and offer the pattern, so you're VERY welcome. Thanks for commenting!

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Wow...that sock pattern

Wow...that sock pattern rocks! Can't wait to purchase it! It's great that you are donating the proceeds to the scholarship fund for the men's knitting retreat. I've been to the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat every year since its inception--always such a fantastic experience. So much fun seeing friends from previous years and meeting new ones each time as well. Truly a "tie that binds" as the sock symbolizes.

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Mill ....Definately one of

Mill ....Definately one of the better looking socks out there. I look forward to the availibility of the pattern!! Love, Love, to give these a try. I am particular to anything cabled and these are definately unique and rich looking. Just another one of your genius works!!

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Mill, Have fun wherever it is

Mill, Have fun wherever it is your off to!! Let me know when and where the pattern will be available to buy. I am excited, to try my newly purchased sets of sock needles. Got tired of the bamboo ones I had, so I'll try nickle plated.....Peace, Bill

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Will do Bill! Thanks!

Will do Bill! Thanks!

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Aww Bill. Those are such

Aww Bill. Those are such nice and generous comments! Thank you so much! My plane was delayed taking off in DC and I'm on a layover now for about an hour. I'm tired, hungry, cranky and ready to be home but you've brightened my spirits!

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Nice socks! I'm not a big

Nice socks! I'm not a big cable fan but I like what they do here. I'll have to stray from the crowd though and say that although I do like the color of the yarn, the tweed flecks to me were distracting to me, maybe because the color is so different. I would have preferred a bit more harmonious color. But it's still something I'd be glad to make and wear!

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Thanks so much for your

Thanks so much for your comments Bob! I think the sock would look great in a solid or true tweed/heathered yarn. I'm knitting myself a pair right now in a blue-grey silk/merino blend.

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Ah, now I could definitely

Ah, now I could definitely get behind that!

Joe-in Wyoming's picture silk/merino sounds divinely luscious. Looking forward to photos.

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Cool looking socks Mill!! I

Cool looking socks Mill!! I don't think I ever seen yarn like this before, love the blue specks. I'm about to finished my first pair of children's socks. I'm glad to see more and more male nurse. I was a public health nurse, plus a geriatric nurse on weekends for 25+ years. Unfortunately, I had to come out because of degenerative disk disease :(

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Thanks John! Male nurses

Thanks John! Male nurses rock!! Sorry to hear about you back problems; it's quite common in our profession unfortunately. I work mostly with the geriatric population and it's a true passion of mine.

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Mill, I feel like a giant

Mill, I feel like a giant three-toed sloth from South America compared to you. How do you do it all? Your output is staggering. The designing, the knitting, the pictures, designing and executing the announcement for it. Probably with one arm tied behind your back too!

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LOL...idk. I've always been

LOL...idk. I've always been that way I guess. My Dad said I was delivered nearly a month early and have never stopped. He said knowing what he knows of me now, he's surprised he didn't see teeth marks on the umbilical chord as evidence of me trying to gnaw my way out of the womb as soon as possible. I look at single Mom's and Dad's and my life looks lax.

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Where do you find the time to

Where do you find the time to knit fantastic pieces,nurse, design and your work in places like Haiti just to name a few....boy, your are my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You're so sweet Dennis! Well,

You're so sweet Dennis! Well, I have a super type A personality and I've been a horrible insomniac since I was a child. Nursing has taught me awesome time management skills as well as multitasking. Also, I'm single so I have a lot of free time to fill up and I don't like to be stagnant. Starbucks also helps...haha.

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Sold! I love the donegal

Sold! I love the donegal tweed too. Is that a Trekking yarn

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This yarn was Knit Picks

This yarn was Knit Picks Stroll in Masala Tweed which was unfortunately discontinued , but I believe Trekking does have a donegal tweed very similar. Tahki also has a donegal tweed and there's one called Handpainted Knitting Yarns Donegal Sock at Webs.

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It 's interesting the way the

It 's interesting the way the cable continues down the heel flap.

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That's my favorite part too

That's my favorite part too Scott! The samples I photographed were a medium, so it pulled quite a bit in the pics because I would wear a large. Typically the two braided cables would be a little closer together on the heel and instep.

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Love that! ...the way the

Love that!
...the way the cables intertwine...I'll have to try a kilt sock version when the pattern is available to us regular people...

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Thanks so much Bill! I think

Thanks so much Bill! I think it would look great as a kilt sock—now you've got my wheels turning. You could probably add one extra repeat of the plait cable for the calf and decrease that away as you knit toward the ankle and the cable breaks up. Are kilt hose typically decreased only in the back of the calf?

And are FAR from regular people in my book (wink)!!!

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Nice looking sock Mill.

Nice looking sock Mill.

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Thanks Kerry!

Thanks Kerry!

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That is a fine looking sock.

That is a fine looking sock. Congratulations on your design.

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Thanks Ron! I hope the guys

Thanks Ron! I hope the guys like it.

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Yowza, Mill! That is one

Yowza, Mill! That is one great looking sock. Kudos, my friend. Congratulations.

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Aww, thanks Joe! That means

Aww, thanks Joe! That means alot!

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You are very welcome, kind

You are very welcome, kind Sir. I wondered why the spacing between the cables seemed so wide - never guessing that it was because you have large feet and a Medium sock! Just helps highlight the strength of the design; enough flexibility to fit comfortably even if knit a bit smaller. That's especially good when knitting gift socks; definitely so when for another man. As for the yarn - I like it. Too bad it was discontinued. Of course, Donegal Tweed from Tahki is a favorite of mine. The benchmark when it comes to judging others.