Regarding a SW (slip and wrap) stitch

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I am currently working on a pair of children's socks. The pattern is a Lion Brand's Wool-Ease, #70480A.

According to the instructions for shaping the heel it states, (19 stitches on needle)
(WS) P18 sts, SW next st, turn
I would do this having 1 st less on each row and continue until 10 stitches have been work.

Then I would add stitches back on needle as follow
(RS) K10 sts, SW, turn
I would continue to do this, adding 1 more st before SW on each row until 19 stitches have been worked.

Of all the years I have been knitting, I have never had a pattern or stitch so $!*^ difficult to do. So I thought if I am decreasing, then just do a simple slip 1, knit 1, and pass slip stitch over (Psso) on right side and knit two stitches together on the wrong side. .
When adding stitches back on needle, I did a simple increase in the last stitch on the needle whether it was on the right and left side. Well, believe it or not it's worked!!
I have attached a photo of the first sock. Do you all think it good okay? Thanks. I would be interested in hearing from you all if you ever encounter this bitching stitch before lol.

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You did a great job, John. I

You did a great job, John. I know how short row heels work - in theory - and there are certainly lots of different ones out there. I haven't tackled them - yet. [I think I'll keep your method in mind for when I do.] My mantra is to find what works for you and then use it. The instructions you have are a bit confusing but your version works very well and makes a smooth transition. Since you used a slightly thicker yarn for the sock, I'd be concerned that all those wraps and slips would make it a bit thick along the turn line.

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Thank you Joe for your input.

Thank you Joe for your input. I don't know if anyone has ever had a problem with instructions for any garments from Lion Brand Yarns but they are confusing. I will post the finished socks soon! John

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I seem to remember several

I seem to remember several comments on Lion Brand patterns often being confusing. I know the one sock pattern I have from them was a bit puzzling until I finally decided, "I knit enough socks that I Don't Need to follow their instructions!" And that was the end of that. It taught me to double check that instructions and charts are clearly presented before getting any commercial patterns, that's for certain. Looking forward to the photos. Take care.

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I agree with Joe in that many

I agree with Joe in that many of LB's patterns are badly written. I knit one of their sweaters with a shawl collar for my sister and it couldn't have been more confusing to me if it was written in Aramaic. It drove me nuts and I ended up doing my own thing relying on the pics as a guide. It's a shame too, because they have lots of nice looking patterns.

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Thanks Millard for your kind

Thanks Millard for your kind comments on my socks. Also for the link as well. As I said, I have been knitting since I was 13 and have never encounter such a intimidating stitch to work. But I refused to let this get me down !

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I think the sock looks great

I think the sock looks great John! There are so many variations of a short row heel. I've tried several (including the one you've done) and my current favorite is the jo-jo heel.

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Thanks for the link Millard -

Thanks for the link Millard - it's time I tackled the short row heel.

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I want to add my thanks, too,

I want to add my thanks, too, Mill. I found this heel in an old issue of Anna Burda but have never tried it. It definitely is interesting.