having fun creating

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I am making a lot of toys for kids and reliving my youth while I am doing it.here is a dolly and some puppet mitts
and i recently finished a topsy turvy elephant/ puppy combination and am working on a lamb chops puppet,the money made from these goes to oxfam don

2010_0804acres500007.JPG1.58 MB
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Those are really nice, Don.

Those are really nice, Don. The puppet mittens really appeal to me. Hmm.....those may make a fun project for mid-range young knitters when learning to knit mittens.

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Those are great Don! I also

Those are great Don! I also get charge out of making kids toys. It gives a lot of pleasure to some lucky kids, and it's an excuse to play with stuffed animals again, lol!

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They are so cute!

They are so cute!

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Good for you! ...they're

Good for you!
...they're charming!