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It's finally finished! I have been knitting this afghan for seven months and have learned so much...especially about unknitting and going back and fixing the odd stitch several rows down. You will have to excuse how bad I look in the picture, but I wanted to show how nicely the afghan molds to what is underneath it. The finished size is 48" x 60". I used 11 skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky (5 oz, 153 yards). The yarn is 80% acrylic and 20% wool. It's washable and doesn't need blocking. I am having my hip replacement surgery in on Nov. 9. When I get home in a few weeks from rehab, it will be nice to have it waiting for me to use in the colder months ahead.

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Thanks guys for the good

Thanks guys for the good wishes about my upcoming surgery and your kind words about my afghan. I am very proud of it and since I have only been knitting for a little more than a year, to me it was a tremendous growing experience, especially because I started it 7 months after I picked up the needles. I'll let you all know how my surgery goes, probably sometime next week if the therapists leave me alone.


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Wow, Mark...that is a great

Wow, Mark...that is a great looking afghan. Even better than I invisioned from the in-progress photos. Hope all goes well with the surgery.

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I've always admired that

I've always admired that afghan in the book and congratulate your 7 month perseverence, it looks great.

Terrific knitting job!!! My

Terrific knitting job!!! My most positive thoughts are with you an surgery day! I have a hip replacement in my near future and know you are having BIG moments of apprehension.

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Very nice, it looks

Very nice, it looks great.
best of luck with the surgery.

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Best of luck on the surgery;

Best of luck on the surgery; the afghan looks very snuggable.

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Well done, it does look so

Well done, it does look so cosy. Wishing you well for the surgery,hope you will be up and dancing soon.

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absolutely beautiful!

absolutely beautiful!

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Magnifico! And

Magnifico! And congratulations, Mark. It must feel so great to have it done. It came out so beautifully. All the best with the surgery on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to hearing how easier everything is with your new hip.

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Lovely work. It looks so

Lovely work. It looks so cozy.

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It looks fantastic Mark! I'm

It looks fantastic Mark! I'm sure it will serve you well when you're on the mend. I've always loved that pattern.

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Mark, it turned out

Mark, it turned out beautifully...and looks very cosy!
...hope all goes very smoothly with your surgery!