A couple of hats

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I have almost finished a sweater for my neighbourboy in Mexico (it still needs buttons) and with the left over Paton's Shetland Chunky I made a hat for Miguel. I used it double on size 8mm needle. It is a Canadian touque of 2x2 ribbing and is really thick. The second I made from a pattern in "Hats On" by Charlene Schurch. She calls it Norwegian Star. It was fun to do and quick. I used Paton"s Classic Wool and 3.5mm needles.

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Thanks for all the comments.

Thanks for all the comments. They were both fun to do

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Gorgeous work, Ron! The

Gorgeous work, Ron! The Norwegian Star is sublime. The colors and the design together are perfection. And Miguel's touque looks well able to withstand any kind of wintry blast. Beautiful stitchery.

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Nice looking hats Ron, great

Nice looking hats Ron, great colourwork design.

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Very nice knitting. I often

Very nice knitting. I often was confused when reading about touques - until I actually saw a photo of one. Then it all made sense.

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That hatvappears wonderfully

That hatvappears wonderfully warm and i agree with Mil, the Norwevian is beautiful. Wonderful colorwork.

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Ron, I always get excited

Ron, I always get excited when you post because I love all your projects! That blue Norwegian is BEAUTIFUL, and Miguel looks handsome and warm in the Shetland chunky! Great work!

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Thanks, Mill.

Thanks, Mill.