Owl Mittens

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Motivated by Millard's sweater, here is a pair of mittens I knit in the spring for my partners niece, mine are stranded and of course made from Drops Alpaca (I continue my love affair with alpaca) lol.

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Beautiful, masterful job,

Beautiful, masterful job, Dennis! Your partner's niece will love them. I'm going to have to check out alpaca yarn and see what it's like to work with.

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Those are extremely cute. I

Those are extremely cute. I have a pattern for mitten - intended for a child - that has a cable shaped owl on the backs. It was given to me by a dear friend who sized them for an adult. I keep meaning to get a pair knit but never seem to get it done.

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Those mittens are awesome

Those mittens are awesome Dennis!!! I'm glad owls are making a comeback. The little owl on the thumb was my favorite part too!

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Gorgeous mittens, Dennis.

Gorgeous mittens, Dennis. How many stitches did you use for a child's mitt?

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Hi Ron...These are ladies

Hi Ron...These are ladies sm/med with 80 sts, with your knitting prowess, I am sure you could down size them....I bought the pattern on "Ravelry"

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Okay, those are brilliant!

Okay, those are brilliant! Love the graphic, love the salt and pepper in the palm and LOVE the owl on the thumb. Great work!

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I agree; the owl on the thumb

I agree; the owl on the thumb is brilliant!

I know it will sound corny,

I know it will sound corny, but those mittens are a HOOT.

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lol, the actual name is

lol, the actual name is "Moody Owls", I did another pair from a different pattern and they had the word "Hoot" on them but I left it out, there also was a crown on the owl, that was dropped as well.

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She is going to love them,

She is going to love them, they are really cute. I love the owl on the thumb too. Very nice job.