Classic Cables Scarf - Lion Brand Yarn

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I've found a pattern in the Free Knitting Patterns at Lion Brand Yarn. Very nice pattern and I'll start working on in a couple days. . .after I finish the sweater vest that's in my knitting bag!!!!

I went into downtown Denver in an older neighborhood to the Lamb Shoppe, my goal was to find an American made yarn. I found one from the Brown Sheep Company, Inc. located in Mitchell, NE. This one is Lamb's Pride, worsted, 85% wool/15% Mohair, Aubergine, I paid $9.25 per skein, net weight: 4 oz. (113 Grams) 190 yards per skein. I pretty excited to start working with it and when I've got enough of my project, I'll post a picture.



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I snagged a couple of skeins

I snagged a couple of skeins of Lamb's Pride out of a donation box at our school cuz the kids all wanted brightly colored acrylic anyway. I have one hat out of it that's way too warm (held the yarn double on a round loom) for anything but freezing weather. I also died a couple of light colored skeins in some camo colors in case we do the knitting hats and scarves for soldiers thing again. It's good yarn.

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I remember that yarn...You

I remember that yarn...You did it at Retreat. It will be interesting to see how it knits up.

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It will be interesting to see

It will be interesting to see how it turns out Joe. I haven't started anything yet, partly because I've got too many other things on the needles just now (as always, right?) and partly because I didn't hear about any knit projects for the troops this year. That's what I was planning to do with it.

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Lamb's Pride is a pretty

Lamb's Pride is a pretty decent yarn to knit with. I look forward to photos. Hope you enjoy the project.