New Scarf & Surgery

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Hello Everyone. I haven't been posting for awhile as I have been dealing with all that precedes hip replacement surgery. I have been in pain for a couple years and this year it just got to be too much, so Nov. 9 I go in for a right-hip replacement. I am not looking forward to the rehab, but I am looking forward to no more hip/leg pain. I will be in rehab for two weeks, so at least I'll have people cooking and cleaning for me. I'm sure physical and occupational therapy will suck, but I'm sure I'll pull through it. After that, I'll be resting and building up strength and endurance at home until I return to teaching on Jan. 4. I am very tempted to use the entire 12 weeks of the Family Medical Leave Act and fly to Palm Springs or Central FL to skip a couple months of winter here in the Midwest. Time will tell.

I am working on a scarf for my son just now. It's half done and turning out well. It's based on the same pattern I wrote for my previous scarf. I thought I'd post a couple pictures of it. One is taken under incandescent lighting, the other in bright sunlight. It's an early to mid-season scarf and I'm having fun with cabling.



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Great looking scarf Mark!

Great looking scarf Mark! Good luck with the surgery and recovery; I'll be thinking of you. If you need a nurse you know who to call (",)!

All of my best and most

All of my best and most positive thoughts are with you. Within the next year, I, too, will be facing a left hip replacement. Aint what us had in mind for retirement, but we don't alway get to pick. Hopefully, you can knit twixt therapy/rehab sessions!!

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You couldn't be more correct.

You couldn't be more correct. I refuse to sit and accept a sedentary lifestyle. I can't imagine not getting out in the wild and enjoying nature. I grew up hiking the hills of PA and have been an active hiker ever since. While I may not pick what I going to be able to do, but I am certainly going to give it one hell of a good try! Let me know when you go for your hip replacement and I'll send you warm words of comfort. :)


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Mark, I've just been through

I've just been through some major surgery...I always tell myself, when it's over, I'll be six feet tall with muscles.
...let me warn you...that never happens!

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I'll take 5'9" with a strong

I'll take 5'9" with a strong leg and leave the buff bodies to the 20-year-olds out there, who think their Adonis-like bodies will last forever.

Adonis was only a ToyBoy.

Adonis was only a ToyBoy.

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I used to work on an ortho

I used to work on an ortho unit as an aide then worked for a Physical Therapy clinic and can tell you, it's not going to be as bad as you think. When it first begins it's going to suck. Simple as that. But keep moving! As my PT's always said, movement heals. After a few joint surgeries myself I can attest to that myself. Oh, and the scarf is great. I like the yarn, which is saying something since I usually don't care for variegates, but your width and pattern with those colorways works very nicely.

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Thanks for the candor about

Thanks for the candor about rehab. I went to Catholic school as a young boy and our pastor always said we would pay for our indiscretions someday. I'll just chalk this up to my pre-Heaven preparation!. ;)

I like the colorway of the yarn as well...very comfy to work with.


I was also raised with a good

I was also raised with a good dose of Catholic guilt and penance. True, though----what you do when you are young comes back to haunt you in middle/old age----

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Hope you do well from the

Hope you do well from the surgery, Mark. As long as you do all the post-op regimen, it should be okay. My older sister went through it just fine and I only had to keep after a little as far as the continuing exercises went. However, you are much more active than she, so you ought to sail right along. Take care.

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Thank you for your words of

Thank you for your words of comfort and encouragement. It's a pretty scary thing for me, especially because I'm not good at relinquishing control of my abilities. I am optimistic though and pray that things go according to the surgeon's plan.

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Like you soon will be I am

Like you soon will be I am now rehabbing from two surgeries. The first was to deal with the bone on bone joint pain in my left thumb /wrist area. Done about 2 1/2 weeks ago. The Doc removed a bone from behind the joint and put in a soft plastic like material in its palce. Says it will get rid of pain totally (Yay knitting again). Second one done last thursday was to put in an implant into my right big toe joint as it too was bone on bone. And also to scrape all the built up bone and junk on the toe joints due to hairline fractures at work 20 years ago. This too will allow me to walk and run pain free. Ahhh... I plan to start to run road races (5K minimum) by the beginning of next summer. So I am going to continue on my rehab scarf today (I am 1/2 way through so far). I am making a 3 cable Irish hiking scarf with bulky yarn. Rest well My friend when you have it done it will pay off towards your recovery. Don't rush it. I will put a pic of it so far on the blogs.

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Thanks for your encouraging

Thanks for your encouraging words and congratulations of making it through your two surgeries. It's amazing what can be done to and with our bodies and we return back to or close to a normal level of function. The scarf looks great! I figured out how to do cabling a few months ago and really do love it. During my rehab, I may venture into some more difficult cabling. I'll see what I do first, walk normally, or knit the cables.


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Good luck once again and you

Good luck once again and you will be able to do both. I have heard nothing but good things about the hip replacements. My brother had one and has had no problems for many years now.

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Good luck on your surgery and

Good luck on your surgery and I wish you a speedy recovery. Great looking scarf.

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Mark, good luck with your

Mark, good luck with your surgery. You may find your apprehension about rehab is greater than the actual experience.

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Thanks, Bill. I like the

Thanks, Bill. I like the colors as well. The yarn is particularly nice to work with too, 100% superwash merino wool. It is really soft and the yarn slips so easily off the nickle-plated needles...quite effortlessly.
I'm glad your brother's recovery was successful. I need to hear success stories. Thanks.

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Mark, my twin brother went

Mark, my twin brother went through that two years ago...the recovery is not too bad...I think your idea of a warm weather recovery is smart! Pamper yourself!
Love the colours in that scarf...the multi-shades work well