A simple "me" project

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I have no idea why but I started knitting on a stocking cap a few weeks ago. It's set to the side quite often to work on other projects.

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I think that is part of

I think that is part of knitting, have several (many) projects on the go then choose what you feel like knitting at the time. That's how it works for me.

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Me too! I have

Me too! I have "knit-in-public" projects that require little thinking, and charted projects where I have to watch every stitch...and sometimes a project where I just had to buy the yarn! (grin)

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I've been concentrating on

I've been concentrating on socks lately do this hat is a nice little project to clear the mind.

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If nothing else, you can use

If nothing else, you can use caps as your relaxation "go-to" knitting. Makes a great break from the more trying projects. Good looking color combination.