My Son the Fiber Scientist

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My son had to be scientist of the week today at his Kindergarten class. We decided to dye yarn in the crock pot to show that wool will take the color and acrylic will not. His class was fascinated and loved every minute of it. The purple hat is my first crock pot dyed yarn. It turned out quite well I think. I can't wait to work up the orange we dyed today.

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Your son is SO cute! You're a

Your son is SO cute! You're a great Dad Rusty!

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Wonderful! Those are

Those are experiences your son will never forget!

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What fun! Regardless of the

What fun! Regardless of the grade, the fact that his classmates enjoyed the presentation is priceless...maybe a new group of knitters has been nudged forward.

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Those are great pics and I

Those are great pics and I especially love the orange yarn!

Looks like your son was the star of the class...and his dad was too!!! :-)

Great job!