Going to Wales and need some help....

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I'm going to England 10/8 - 10/19 and am traveling to Wales from 10/10 - 10/14. I'm hiring a car in Guildford that Monday morning and driving west! I know I want to see the National Wool Museum and I want to look for knitting books in Hay-on-Wye but apart from that - I'm lost! I would welcome any input as I've never been farther west than Cardiff before. Thank you in advance!


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I love Joe's idea of an all

I love Joe's idea of an all male knitting trip somewhere. Some of you will remember how much fun it was during the Men's Rocky Mountain Knitting Retreat when a customer walked into her LYS and discovered twenty men comparing yarns, and buying the place out. The looks on their faces were priceless.

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Imagine the looks on TSA

Imagine the looks on TSA faces if a group of male knitters all came through at once...I wonder if they'd try to confiscate all the needles? Probably the best thing would be to put them all into checked luggage. - Yes, the faces of the shoppers were priceless. As well as the guy who was "wow"ed by seeing an all-male knitting group.

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Hey Charles, I posted your

Hey Charles, I posted your question to some friends on Ravelry. Here are the responses so far.

Guildford has Pandora wool shop to visit but if he’s around any other time he must visit Inter Knit Cafe in Downing Street, Farnham (opposite the Police station and Loch Fine restaurant). It’s brilliant and Kareen - owner - is lovely. Unfortunately she’s closed Sunday and Monday but it is well worth a visit if he can make it. Also near Guildford if he’s interested in other textile crafts is Fibrecrafts in Peasmarsh on the outskirts of Guildford.
Travelling west? If he’s going down the M4 when he gets to the turning for Bristol (junction 19?) take the exit and follow the M32 through Bristol and go to Brislington. There’s a great yarn shop “Get Knitted” on Brislington Hill, Brislington - well worth a visit.
National Wool Museum is very interesting, I hope he enjoys his visits.

Jane’s in Fishguard is a lovely shop with an excellent coffee shop attached. The Last Invasion tapestry is worth seeing in Fishguard as well. Not too far from Woollen Museum in Drefach Felindre. There are also several yarn producers in the area - angora goats at Moylegrove and various others if you get the local info from TICs. The Folk Museum at St Fagan’s outside Cardiff is also fascinating and well worth visiting.

I can vouch for the last myself. We did not have anywhere near enough time to fully appreciate that folk museum last time I was there.

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Michael - you rock! Thanks

Michael - you rock! Thanks so much buddy... What's funny is the shop in Farnham, just west of Guildford - The Interknit Cafe - is (possibly) my favorite wool shop in all of the UK and Kareen and I see each other twice a year - she IS lovely! Pandora is just okay - way to craft oriented and not enough yarn for my tastes. I do love Get Knitted as well - it is the largest wool shop I have been to in all the UK, to date. I'll really look into Fishguard, Moylegrove and the Folk Museum so thanks for that!

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If you are going to be near

If you are going to be near Wrexham and the English border cross over to Cheshire and visit Chester. It is the most complete walled Roman City in England. It is a beautiful place, I believe the Queen's cousin was married there or maybe it was Lord Lichfield or are they one and same ???????????? Anyway have a wonderful visit!!!!

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Thanks much... I didn't know

Thanks much... I didn't know whether to start in the north or finish in the north but you've definitely steered me in that direction. Thanks again!

There is a big yarn shop in

There is a big yarn shop in Chester called Stash Fine Yarns. Well worth a visit. I buy online from them.

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Hi Enjoy Wales it is


Enjoy Wales it is beautiful (and my husband is Welsh so many good things come from there).

Try Colinette Yarns in Powys


they have a factory, shop, classes.

If you can, keep going west as Pembrokeshire is the most beautiful part of Wales - do not know of any yarn stores etc but there are lots of sheep!

Have a great time.

If you are in London at all try and go to I Knit in Waterloo as they are doing fantastic hand dyed sock and lace yarn.

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Thank you, James! I

Thank you, James! I contacted them and the tour happens on the 1st, before I get there. But I will surely stop by to the shop and surely get into too much trouble. FYI - another British yarn company I really like is Fyberspates (www.fyberspates.co.uk) - amazing colorways and some really tough, beautiful yarn. I will definitely be going through Pembrokeshire and I thank you for that recommendation. And don't worry about giving me store names - I have a knack for sniffing them out. Hehehe

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I hope you'll fill us in when

I hope you'll fill us in when you get back...I've spent time in Scotland, but not Wales...would love to go!

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Wow...have a great trip. A

Wow...have a great trip. A friend's mom is from Wales but I've never been there. [The closest was my trip to NY City. LOL] Looking forward to hearing stories. Need someone to go as your valet?

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I would LOVE you to valet...

I would LOVE you to valet... wouldn't we have fun? Maybe we'll get a group together... hmm.....

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Oh, that's a nice thought.

Oh, that's a nice thought. Of course, I'd have to set up another fund to save into, rather than raid my knitting retreat piggy bank. [And get a passport.] An all male knitting trip would be fantastic.

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Q.. no worries... I'm getting

Q.. no worries... I'm getting my blog together as I type (well, shortly afterwards) and I'll be sure to chronicle that fiber journey there!

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Hey buddy. Can't help you w/

Hey buddy. Can't help you w/ your wool journey but I thought of you today. Knitting Daily ripped you off and offered a course in Tunisian crochet. You should sue.


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Thanks for the heads up Jack

Thanks for the heads up Jack - I'm not worried. Congrats however on your fashion show at your LYS - I heard about it from D.M. - I'd love to see pics!

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Oh, don't thank me yet since

Oh, don't thank me yet since i'm not writing to offer ideas. I've never been to the United Kingdom myself. I'm just writing to say i'm incredibly insanely and possibly foaming at the mouth crazy jealous. But I do hope you enjoy your trip and come home safely.