Sexism on Display

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Wondering how many have seen this particular video? I don't get offended easily but I really don't like what's going on here. What's even more disappointing about it is that they have a knitting blog:


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I guess i'm missing it

I guess i'm missing it entirely? I'm not seeing the sexism but I don't understand their furitive filming either. I would have liked to see them invite him to their local yarn store or classes instead but then again, I am often a bit introverted in such public areas and probably wouldn't have spoke to him unless he spoke to me. And if I caught someone filming me I would have probably said something to horrify them such as "Should my wife and I be traditionalists and use knitting needles or can you still find a sturdy wire coat hanger somewhere?" Of course maybe introvert isn't quite the right adjective for me.

I think the tone of their "real men knit!" wasn't sarcastic but rather somewhat tickled. I hope once the camera was off they tried speaking to him.

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Exactly; they could have not

Exactly; they could have not only encouraged him, but also used the opportunity to encourage others via the video. The fact that they sound like they're stifling giggles (maybe because they think their filming is funny?) is what made it sound disparaging to me. Though it sounds silly now, I remember how embarrassed I was the first time I walked into the very female environment of a Turkish yarn store and asked for needles. If I'd turned around and found two ladies filming me and snickering, it would not have made me feel any better about it!

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I thought the women were

I thought the women were trying to say something positive, but the way they went about it failed.

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Perhaps, but following the

Perhaps, but following the guys around with a camera and snorting is not really a positive approach. They could have talked to them, offered help.

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Unfortunately, the audio

Unfortunately, the audio didn't come through. I'll rewatch this when I have headphones, then post my opinion. Initial reaction is ... "Why so furtive and 'Hush, he might hear us.' looking?"

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Hmmm...the audio comes

Hmmm...the audio comes through okay here. Anyway, you can watch it directly on YouTube. They posted it on their blog, and I left a comment...

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Thanks...the computer I'm at

Thanks...the computer I'm at seems to have the sound disabled. I'll be at my usual library tomorrow and have earbuds there. Still, from the other comments above...I imagine I'll be growling by the end. [And not in a good way.]