Men' Shawl or Stole

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Does anyone know or have a pattern for a rectangular stole or wrap for a man (me)
Am only a fairly basic knitter, but just starting the Asherton Scarf

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As Kerry "VillageKnittiot"

As Kerry "VillageKnittiot" mentioned, I have a basic Man Shawl that can be worked on worsted weight, is called the Apollo here is the link , just copy and paste , and Franklin Habit Sahar is a bit more complex, but rectangular as well, the link is here , , The other pattern I have which is a scarf, but can probably be made into a stole going up a needle size or two is the Paean Scarf, The triangular shawls from West Knits can be fun, but they are a different shape.

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Apollo is gorgeous...I can't

Apollo is gorgeous...I can't wait to knit it.

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Hypotenuse by Anne Hanson

Hypotenuse by Anne Hanson or on Ravelry is a good looking shawl for a man.

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CraftyAndy has a Men's Shawl

CraftyAndy has a Men's Shawl Pattern. You might check in with him.