I'm Yarnworthy!!!

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Hello Everyone!

I've been on the Facebook Men Who Knit site for a while and love the interaction there and finally took the time to submit my request to be with the big boys here in the full website!!!
After only a few hours of waiting I have been deemed YarnWorthy by the Creators of this wonderful site, the guys with the big balls of yarn! LOL!
Looking forward to reading all sorts of interesting posts and learning what is on everyone's needles!

Thanks for adding me!


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Welcome. Did anyone teach

Welcome. Did anyone teach you the secret handshake?

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Welcome welcome. This is a

Welcome welcome. This is a great site and there are some great knitters on here... Enjoy


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Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard!

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Cute man, like to see you

Cute man, like to see you with some needles
Happy knitting mate

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Hey Jim! Great meeting you.

Hey Jim!
Great meeting you. You will really enjoy all the guys here. I always look forward to visiting the site after a long day's work. Nice picture of you knitting. Would love to have some of those muffins in the background as well.


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Come on in. Welcome to the

Come on in. Welcome to the clubhouse!

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Welcome mate!

Welcome mate!

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Welcome to the Secret

Welcome to the Secret Brotherhood. I like facebook for games, that's the most I get of it. Here is about us and about knitting, crocheting, spinning or whatever else we find fiberwise,lol.

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WOW! ...didn't know there was

...didn't know there was a Facebook Men Who Knit site !
There's also a spin-off on ravelry...

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Welcome to MWK, a great bunch

Welcome to MWK, a great bunch of guys, a mine of information, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Greetings...Welcome to the

Greetings...Welcome to the big boys fun room. Seriously, we are a great batch of knitters and a good resource if you have any questions. I have never regretted joining and consider it my community of choice for men who knit. Although, I have to say I finally joined Ravelry as well. Take care - Joe