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Well, I'm among the living and decided to post.

I was going to post this last week but my son & his wife came home from PNG on the same day I went to the emergency room. My diagnosis...several days later is shingles.'s in my mouth, throat, and even inside my boys! NOT FUN. Today's the first I'm back to being somewhat upright.

I had made this shawl and both my wife and daughter declared it to be too "girly" for them. But my daughter-in-law fell in love with it and has worn it a great deal as she's freezing in the states (yeah, it's 90+, but when you live in a jungle, at the equator on an island I guess it's by comparison).

This was knit using a US size 2 needle and alternated between the dark Alpaca Sox and a mill end rayon variegated yarn. The photo shown over the harp is the most realistic of the colors in the pictures. It probably took about 300 yards total of the two yarns.


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You have my sympathy for the

You have my sympathy for the shingles...Hope you recover quickly. The shawl is another masterpiece. Congrats.

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I heard they are close to

I heard they are close to either cure or vaccine for shingles

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Yep there is a vaccine;

Yep there is a vaccine; however, it is a live vaccine and due to my weakened immune system due to other chronic illnesses I have it is extremely not recommended. But then it's not recommended to get shingles either!

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Wow, never heard of shingles

Wow, never heard of shingles in the mouth, can't imagine! I wish you a speedy recovery!

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Thanks - there is some

Thanks - there is some improvement (hence being up and online!) Actually not only in my mouth but also in my throat (which wasn't very bad for me because I have neuropathy there that has killed the nerves), and one other place - internal in the testicles. The ultrasound there while aching was a bit hard to stomach!

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Hope you're over the shingles

Hope you're over the shingles's painful!
did you know Romi has a ravelry group?

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Yeah, actually it was through

Yeah, actually it was through that group that I first saw the pattern.

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Sorry to hear about your

Sorry to hear about your shingles Rick, a nasty painful disease, I wish you a speedy recovery. The shawl is lovely and Romi is good designer.

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Fortunately since they were

Fortunately since they were in my mouth and elsewhere I'm at least not having to recover from the nasty lesions and truthfully sores in the mouth seem to heal more quickly. Go figure.