New nephew - James

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James was born on Aug 4th at about 9.30 pm.

I decided to put the jumper I was making for me on hold as I wanted to get this vest made for him.

A special thanks to James from NZ who sent me the beautiful yarn. I had been holding on to it for months working out what I could make out of it.

I hade enough left over to make a beanie for the little fella too.

After so many items for men it was nice to have something small to make up!

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Very cute!

Very cute!

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Thanks gents and yes MMario

Thanks gents and yes MMario gay uncles get to spoil the kids as much as grandparents only (I hope) we are a little more crazy and fun!


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Not just gay uncles...

Not just gay uncles...

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Uncles have almost as much

Uncles have almost as much freedom as grandparents to spoil kids rotten encourage young minds.

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That vest is so cute! You are

That vest is so cute! You are a very nice uncle to have! Cheers, Sid

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What a lovely set for the new

What a lovely set for the new nephew. I hope you enjoy each other's company lots.

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Beautiful work Paul, the

Beautiful work Paul, the cable looks great.

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Nice, and lucky nephew! (I

Nice, and lucky nephew! (I trust you'll be doing yearly instalments?) ;)

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Beautiful work.

Beautiful work. Congratulations on your new nephew - hope he keeps you in stitches (pun intended).

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Wow! You're good! Those

Wow! You're good! Those look store-bought (no offense). Very nice work!

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Yeah! New Nephew (I love

Yeah! New Nephew (I love being an uncle). What a beautiful jumper and beanie!
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congrats on the nephew!!!

congrats on the nephew!!! and on making such an adorable jumper & beanie for him! they're wonderful!