Getting impatient...

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Im on chart 3 of MMario's Queen Annes I figure im in the home stretch now...I dont think I've ever knitted so fast!!! This project is going to be soooo beautiful when it's done I cannot WAIT to finish it so I can block it and show it off!!! On the other end Im also spinning some gorgeous Bombyx silk on my wheel so Im constantly conflicted when I get home...should I spin or knit tonight?? I need cheerleaders LOL


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Thomas has a good idea. I

Thomas has a good idea. I often have to do that when reading a good book - a chapter or two, rewarding myself for a stretch of knitting. Or vice-versa. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Do 20 minutes of one,

Do 20 minutes of one, followed by 20 minutes of the other. It'll be better to ward of repetitive motion injuries.

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It's a great pattern. Hope

It's a great pattern. Hope you're enjoying every minute of knitting it. Plus, it'll be a wonderful treasure once it's finished.

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Very should

Very should spin, knit and post pictures!