New take on stash management

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I'd sworn to myself that I wouldn't buy any more yarn until I caught up with some of the projects that have been sitting in my stash closet staring at me for far too long. Plus, I've been getting glares from my partner and didn't want to come home some day to find empty shelves and a full trash can. So despite multiple trips to my LYS and a day at MD Sheep and Wool, my stash has remained fairly constant for months as I'm SLOWLY working through things (side note -- I tested last week and achieve my certification as a Certified Master Sugar Artist, so all that planning/practice time can now go to knitting!).

Fortuitously, my partner has discovered the joys of felting and fulling and has learned to operate the knitting machine to make large pieces he can full, then cut up and use for clothing. So we went through my stash recently and separated everything into piles of superwash and non-superwash. He's going to town with his new projects, and I now have a lot of socks to knit. ;) But I also have a bunch of empty space in my stash closet. Heh, heh, heh.

Three guesses as to how I blew a few hundred bucks yesterday. ;)


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Sharing with a partner can sometimes be a challenge

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I have been on a yarn diet for a whiel, but I tell you sometimes it finds it s way into my stash. Most of the yarn I have purchased lately is for design, and I have lots of homespun myself. In the end, I don't buy yarn if I don;t have a project for it, wether I make the item or not that's a different story lol.

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I adhere strictly to the

I adhere strictly to the principle of 2 skeins of stash yarn for every skein used in an actual project. :) Well...maybe not literally...but I had enough nice sock yarn to keep me set for several projects in mind. But then I decided I wanted to try my hand at dying (have wanted to for a long time) and just happened to find some nice cheap skeins of white 75% wool 25% nylon yarn, and a very good price, in a variety of thicknesses. So I bought 7. But there's no guarantee that the results will be good, so I can probably palm off what I don't like on someone else! At this rate I'll be happy to get two skeins that I actually like....

One bright note is that my guy now wants me to teach him how to knit! We'll see how it goes...another friend said the same thing, and was completely sure that he's be wearing all his own socks by this fall (that's pretty darn about a scarf?), but then decided after his first row that it was 'too hard', and completely gave up on it!

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I'll be interested in how

I'll be interested in how the nylon takes the dye in your skeins. My experience is that it doesn't readily take up much. Of course, we were doing natural dyes rather than chemical. As to the friend who gave up knitting after a first row...reminds me of the person who signed up for my friend's beginning sock class then proceeded to knit a sock beforehand. That person then complained about all the trouble she had - and mistakes - but wouldn't concede that she was in the wrong: "It [her sock] was just for practice and doesn't count." When I taught my sock class [right after Alena's] I fervently prayed that the dear soul wouldn't sign up for it; my pacifism would've been severely tested. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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How nice that you both can

How nice that you both can do fiber related projects. As long as you both don't fight over the yarn. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Happy that you and your

Happy that you and your partner discovered related yarn passions----just dont fight over stuff in the stash!!! A good stash of yarn is like your favorite comfort food. And as akqguy says---it helps insulate the house.