Birthday gift for my little sis...

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I can't believe my little sister is turning 35! She's actually only two years younger than I and besides being one of my best friends, she's also one of my personal heros. The pattern is Hey Teach! available, free, from I thought it would be perfect for her as she's an amazing fourth grade teacher. Kimberly was born to teach and her kids and colleagues all adore her! I thought this would be a great staple piece to add to her professional wardrobe and very apropos for a busy working Mom of three.
It was knit with a wool/alpaca/silk blend worsted with size US 6 (4 mm) & 7 (4.5 mm) needles. It's a fairly quick knit. It took me exactly 2 weeks amongst a busy schedule and other knitting projects. I did modify the pattern a bit by adding about 2" of length (0.75" above and 1.25" below the empire waist line) and knitting all of the ribbing in the smaller needle size. I also added extra rows to the border ribbings and button/buttonhole bands. I chose to only place 3 buttonholes to the upper bodice and left the lower torso open. I'll post more details on my Ravelry Page.


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Hi Mill, What a beautiful

Hi Mill, What a beautiful sweater! Thanks for sharing with us, I'm sure she's going to love it!
BTW, where did you get your labels? It adds a nice touch to the garment.

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Wow Millard! Looks fantastic

Wow Millard!

Looks fantastic and I cannot believe you did that it 2 weeks! Amazing mate.

I really love the colour too!


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Thanks Paul!

Thanks Paul!

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This is such a beautiful top

This is such a beautiful top you made. The color and craftsmanship look great. I am sure your sister will love it. I am also very impressed you knit this in 2 weeks!

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Thanks Cullen! She loved

Thanks Cullen! She loved it!! I completely lucked out and it fit perfectly. She said it was just what she needed.

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I completely missed the "2

I completely missed the "2 weeks" bit. You're a phenom, Mill! A walking, talking, stitching phenom! It's the likes of you and so many others here that make me proud to be a man who knits.

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Awww Tom, you're so sweet

Awww Tom, you're so sweet and always so generous with your comments! I'm just an uber Type A with a serious knitting addiction.

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Beautifully made and very

Beautifully made and very stylish. Congratulations!

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on.  ~Billy Connolly

Absolutely gorgeous and what

Absolutely gorgeous and what a lucky little sister.

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Thanks Christine!

Thanks Christine!

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Good pattern, beautiful

Good pattern, beautiful knitting, and I like green:)

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Thanks so much Kerry!

Thanks so much Kerry!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
Alpaca silk blends have great drape. Fantastic job Mill!

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Thanks Andy! This is

Thanks Andy! This is actually the first time I've ever knit with yarn containing silk; it's YUMMY!

What a wonderful, plummy

What a wonderful, plummy sweater----that yarn look VERY luxurious. I be not so fond of green, but this be a great color and pattern. what makes it even more special is that the Suki probably took a nap on it.

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Thanks Rex! The yarn is

Thanks Rex! The yarn is like butter and has an amazing drape after it's blocked. Indeed, Suki took several naps on it and under On my garment cards where I mark the fiber content, I have a permanently checked box next to "1% chihuahua fur."

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Hey Mill! What a lovely

Hey Mill! What a lovely gesture and a beautiful gift for your sister. She will treasure it. The leaf pattern is especially well done.

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Thanks Mark! That leaf

Thanks Mark! That leaf design was easy to memorize, so it made for nice "movie knitting."

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That is absolutely beautiful.

That is absolutely beautiful.

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Thanks Matt!

Thanks Matt!

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nope - strictly on my

nope - strictly on my side....just realizing most of the "next generation" in my family is about your and your sisters ages....even my youngest brothers kids are late twenties now....

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I just recently had my first

I just recently had my first legitimate "that made me feel old" moment. I was teaching an EKG interpretation class to some nursing graduates and I was making a silly quip about wanting to see skinny "QRS" complexes like Karen Carpenter. ...CRICKITS... Initially, I was very saddened that no one in the room—besides me—knew who she was and how amazingly she sang, then it hit me like a ton of bricks! I was speaking to an entire group of people who would have to decode my simile by googling, or worse yet, by asking their PARENTS!!! I guess it's all down hill from here...(sigh)...

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It's beautiful Mill. But

It's beautiful Mill.

But remember, most of these kids weren't even born when Karen Carpenter died in 1983.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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I had One of those. i was

I had One of those. i was working eith a youth group and realiZed my show jacket was older than the oldest kid

we put birds on things

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I love the sweater. And

I love the sweater. And what a wonderful choice of colour. Beautiful pattern.

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Thanks Ron! I LOVE this

Thanks Ron! I LOVE this color and it goes well with our skin tone. I forgot to mention the pattern is by Hélène Rush.

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Congratulations - you have

Congratulations - you have made me jealous of your mad knitting skills AND feeling like an ancient in one post!!!!!

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Thanks Mario!, sorry if

Thanks Mario!, sorry if I inadvertently implied agism—completely unintended. LOL (",)

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Very nice knitting, Mill. I

Very nice knitting, Mill. I am certain she'll enjoy it very much. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks Joe! Let's hope it

Thanks Joe! Let's hope it fits, because if it's too small she's going to slap me.

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Or make you reknit it to

Or make you reknit it to fit...with shackles on your foot so you can't get away until it's done. LOL -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Beautiful! ...and a very

...and a very tasteful label!!!

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Thanks Bill! I love those

Thanks Bill! I love those woven labels. I got 200 for $30.00 online.