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Here are a couple of pairs of fingerless gloves I’ve made for my friends Aurora and Amy. They are serious sports fans. Two of their favorite teams are the San Francisco Giants and the Stanford Women’s Basketball team. I took the logos from the teams from their websites and then just blew them up till they pixelated. Then I transferred the pattern from there onto graph paper. On my first attempt at the pattern I just did a simple transfer from the pixelated logo. That didn’t come out right. To make it come out right I had to do something like a 3 to 5 ratio, i.e. the width of the vertical parts of the letters was 3 stitches and the height of the horizontal parts was 5 stitches on the Giants gloves and 5 to 8 on the Stanford gloves.

Not sure where I’m going to go after this. I’ve got another twine number on the needles right now. It’s a double knitted, Fair Isle affair. It’s more of a folly than anything else. I just want to see what it’ll look like. I like the look of the twine. My last twine project was in garter stitch. This will be all stockinette.

I’d also really like to explore Anna Zilborg’s Turkish socks. I just got her book out of the library again today. I think I’m going to give them a go.

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These gloves/mittens are the

These gloves/mittens are the solution to my quandary----I have been wanting some woolies to wear OVER my gloves in really cold weather----looked at several possibilities and these is/are the answer. THANK YOU. As for sock madness, one version or another, socks will insinuate themselves into your mind.

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You’re welcome, Rex. By

You’re welcome, Rex. By the way, my friend Amy, for whom I knitted the SF Giants gloves is from Grand Rapids. Her mother used to make her a pair of mittens every winter. She told me that you needed a few pairs to get through the season because they would get wet and you’d need a fresh pair while the others dried out.

As far as the sock madness goes, I’ve been thinking all day long about a sock I’d like to make. The top half, down to the ankle, would be single knit: standard k2p2 ribbing. Then from the ankle on it would be double knit: a nice thick, warm, cushy foot glove. That’s what I’d like to make anyway. We’ll see...

Elizabeth Zimmerman, in her

Elizabeth Zimmerman, in her Knitters Almanac book, has a sock/slipper-sock much like the one you describe. You might not like the whole sock, but the padded foot might be readily adapted to your needs.

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Great looking gloves. The

Great looking gloves.
The Zillborg book is excellent, I've transferred some of her designs to Western socks but have yet to try the Turkish style.

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Thanks, Kerry. I'm excited

Thanks, Kerry. I'm excited about trying the Turkish socks. I've made one or two Western socks but didn't catch the much ballyhooed sock madness. (I would actually like to catch it.) We'll see...

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"Be careful what you wish

"Be careful what you wish for..." Socks will reach out and grab you. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Here I am, Socks. Come and

Here I am, Socks. Come and get me...

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Very hearty LOL -- Books,

Very hearty LOL -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Wow!! Those gloves are

Wow!! Those gloves are great.

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Thanks, Ron. Your support

Thanks, Ron. Your support and encouragement from the very beginning have meant a lot to me. Thanks.

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Very nice, Tom. I like

Very nice, Tom. I like Zilborg's works and have yet to knit one. However, her philosophy on knitting and the creative mind is fantastic and a great inspiration to me. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
That's nicely done, I like the way they look a lot.

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Thanks, Andy. I feel I owe

Thanks, Andy. I feel I owe much of my ability to knit to you for all the help you patiently gave me in the early days. Thanks.

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Those gloves are AWESOME!

Those gloves are AWESOME! You did such a great job with the logos. I have yet to give double knitting a fair go. I'm assuming their reversible, too, no?

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Thanks, Mill. And Bill's

Thanks, Mill. And Bill's right. These really aren't reversible because they're letters. If it were a Fair Isle design or some other design like that it would be.

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they're reversible...but the

they're reversible...but the design is backwards...

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duh...good one Mill!

duh...good one Mill!

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don't worry! We all know

don't worry!
We all know you're gorgeous and smart!!!

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I don't know about those

I don't know about those traits, but let's not forget... VERY SUSCEPTIBLE TO FLATTERY! (wink, wink)

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Cool! I'm sure your friends

Cool! I'm sure your friends will love them!

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Thanks, Bob. Yeah, they've

Thanks, Bob. Yeah, they've seen them in progress and they're wild about them. I made them each a pair with a Fair Isle motif and they were received politely and gratefully but these really gave them a charge. Thanks also for the inspiration to get into Turkish socks. I need a new challenge and I think these could be just the ticket...

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These gloves are wonderful!

These gloves are wonderful! I saw them being knitted...they're both doubleknit and very heavy!

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Thanks, Bill. They ARE kind

Thanks, Bill. They ARE kind of heavy. When I figure out how to do fingers I'm going to make a pair for myself for bike riding in the winter. I think they'd keep my hands very warm...