My first Niebling

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Hey guys, it's been a while. I've had a crazy busy summer! I recently finished my first Niebling, Frosted Ferns. It's knit with size 20 cotton thread on 3.5mm (US 4) needles. It's definitely been my most challenging project thus far!

Before blocking:
Untitled Image

After blocking:

I immediately ordered the pattern for Lyra from Lacis (which I will NEVER order from again) and casted on a couple of days ago with some merino lace weight.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying their summer!!!


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HAve finally choked down the

HAve finally choked down the jealousy far enough to say:

(This pattern kicked my butt - it is one of the few things I have ever frogged)

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Thank you so much Mario!!!

Thank you so much Mario!!! That means a lot coming from you and I'm speechless as well. I couldn't imagine there would be ANY lace you would have trouble with. I'm literally gobsmacked by the sheer thought of you designing this stuff, but God bless you for the ability and talent to do so!

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Now, that makes me

Now, that makes me speechless! A piece of lace that stumped you...easy for me to say as I've not been brave enough to try a Niebling yet. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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It involves counting to two

It involves counting to two - a lot - and that is something I have difficulty with. (just counting to two - I'm okay with threes, or ones or any other number...)two's I have a problem. They tend to come up ones or threes.

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Mildly dyslexic? That is

Mildly dyslexic? That is something I struggle with. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Gorgeous! And it's amazing


And it's amazing how a little blocking can take the dog right out of a piece of lace. ;)

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Wow! I'm impressed! I bow

Wow! I'm impressed! I bow to the master!!


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BTW Millard ... That shot is

BTW Millard ... That shot is too cute for words.

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OMG. That looks incredible.

OMG. That looks incredible. Great job!

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Thanks Ken!

Thanks Ken!

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This is just

This is just spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are such a good knitter. Sorry about your troubles with the new pattern, people just are not interested anymore about satisfying a customers need. Yes it does take a lot of energy to try and put things right but the feeling of trying and getting it off your chest is sometimes worth it lol. Looking forward to your complete piece.

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Thanks so much Dennis!

Thanks so much Dennis! You're always so sweet. I'll be sure to post pics of Lyra after I've made a bit more progress.

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Mill....I have always

Mill....I have always admired your work both with the needles and your humanity, your giving has been rewarded by your talent!!!!!

What a truly beautiful piece

What a truly beautiful piece of work. I am most envious of your skill. You are quite right to complain, and personally, I think your approach to them was most polite.

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Thanks Christine! You're

Thanks Christine! You're too kind. It actually looks much more complex than it actually is.

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That is some AMAZING lace

That is some AMAZING lace work. Well done!!

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His designs are wonderful

His designs are wonderful and you have done such a lovely job of this one. Congratulations. Let us know how the lace weight merino is working out. I have some lovely stuff and have been considering doing a large doily with it. I hope you resolve your problem with Lacis and I am glad you brought it up - it might prevent one of us ordering the same.

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Thanks Ron! I will do.

Thanks Ron! I will do. It's a wonderful heathery shade of moss green.

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What an awesome project!

What an awesome project! Beautiful work! And what a difference before and after blocking! I guess with lace you really don't see what you're making till after it's blocked. The Lacis experience sounds very strange, indeed. I visited the store in Berkeley once. I was looking for a lamp with a magnifying glass attached. They had a lot of very pricey stuff for sale that just didn't look worth what they were asking. I haven't been back. Are there other sources for these patterns?

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Thanks so much Tom! It

Thanks so much Tom! It still amazes me every time I block a piece of lace and see the difference. It's really half the fun. I guess the word "strange" pretty much sums it up. I just felt her responses were so strange. There are other sources. I know that "Doilyhead" offers many vintage patterns on her website. You can also purchase Niebling's booklets on ebay and Amazon. I think Lacis is the only distributer of the Lyra pattern by itself, however.

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Beautiful piece of Niebling

Beautiful piece of Niebling Mill.

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Thanks Kerry! I don't mind

Thanks Kerry! I don't mind elaborating on my comment about Lacis. (Kerry asked me if I'd share about it in a PM). I so enjoyed knitting Frosted Ferns that I immediately began searching out which Niebling pattern I would knit next. I decided on Lyra.
Lacis offers the Lyra pattern as a single for $7.00 USD. I thought the price of the pattern was fair, and there was an additional $4.50 S/H charge. I thought the S/H fee was a wee bit inflated since it was coming from CA, but placed the order anyway. I got the pattern in a timely manner, but when I opened the envelope I was quite surprised to find what looked like a bad black and white "copy of a copy" on a single piece of thin, cheap tabloid office paper (the pattern consists of a graph and key only of which I was aware). Much of the print was extremely blurry and you can't even distinguish the difference between the lines of the graph and bolded lines that demarcate pattern repeats. I thought about it for a few days, but it was really gnawing at me. I RARELY make formal complaints and I am much more likely to write a positive review. I sent a VERY polite email stating what I received and got this response:

LACIS: "Not receiveg any other complaints, I must assume you received what everyone else has received
and can only relate that this is the product."

Huh? My response...

ME: "I'm not sure what you're basing your assumption on, but what I received was a pattern that is scarcely legible in some areas due to the blurriness of the copied pattern. I'm afraid your response is even more disappointing than the product; very unfortunate indeed. I had hoped for a better outcome and future orders."

Then, yesterday I got...

LACIS: "It does sond terrible. Send it back for another opinion."

What the ...? Does she really expect me to pay to send this crappy $11.50 single page copy back for her to give me "another opinion"? I don't know what to do now. Any advice would be appreciated. I guess I'll just suck it up and feel like a chump. Maybe I was a chump to write anything in the first place? Anyway, so that's what's up with my comment.

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Mill, I don't think there

Mill, I don't think there was anything wrong with your comment (and I'm speaking as one who worked in customer service for 49 years). I would scan it and email it to them or fax it to save yourself extra cost. $4.50 sounds a bit too much for what is basically a stamped letter from CA to your part of the world.

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Thanks Kerry, that sounds

Thanks Kerry, that sounds like a really good suggestion. I guess I could always photograph it and send it as an email attachment. The postmark showed $1.50 on the envelope, so that's what I thought too. I was able to get some clarification from one of the Niebling knitter's on Ravelry, so I could cast on. She sort of filled in spots that I couldn't see. It's just the principal of the matter. In the few times that I have "complained" about something I try to do so very respectfully and my second response that I quoted was about as saucy as I get. I've learned as I've gotten older that it's just not worth the energy to be rude. I just don't want anyone else to have the same experience as I know we have a lot of lace knitters here.

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Your piece looks lovely and

Your piece looks lovely and very inspiring. As for Lacis, you should take pictures of what your received or offer to fax it to them. Then if that doesn't resolve it, I would call them up give them a piece of my mind and inform them that they have lost my business and that ill tell everyone I know never to order from them.

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Thanks very much Zach! I'll

Thanks very much Zach! I'll send them a photo and see what response I receive. I'm pretty much a "take the high road" sort of fellow.

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Glad to hear your still

Glad to hear your still around and doing well. And doing some beautiful work. I need to kick my ass into some kind of fiber gear. Spinning, knitting.

Again, good to see you around.

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Thanks Q!

Thanks Q!

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Fantastic knitting, Mill. I

Fantastic knitting, Mill. I really must try some of his designs some day. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks Joe! You really

Thanks Joe! You really should...they're fun.