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Okay, you gents. I am now on Ravelry. Still Joe-in Wyoming, all one word. [Why won't they take my spacing? Must be a computer thing.] Anyhow, being the computer illiterate I am, I shall need loving guidance as to how to navigate the site. Any forums, groups, etc. you can recommend? And how do I actually sign up as a member of same? Thank goodness I have Q as a resource...providing he can handle the multiple repeat questions as my brain wraps around the process. Also...No More Birthday Surprises. [Not that I didn't appreciate it - after the fact.] LOL Still loving the warmz from the retreat - what a great feeling. "Thanks for the memories..."


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Apparently, you're on

Apparently, you're on Ravelry Joe, but it took me a minute to find you. It seems to have come out as Joe-inWyoming without the space. I've friended you anyway. :-)

Mill's right. Join Men Who Knit group and do a search for others in which you're interested. I'm on the Cuppa Tea one and Knitting Sheaths, and Ganseys because those are my interests. I'm sure there's one on cats and knitting.

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Yes, Michael, it had to be

Yes, Michael, it had to be typed as one word with the hyphen as part of it. Here, I can space as I wish with no problem. I've seen it with two hyphens and could've done it that way but decided to just leave it at one. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Hey Joe!!! I'm so excited

Hey Joe!!! I'm so excited for you to be on Ravelry. I'll have to friend you in a second. If you have any specific questions, I'd be glad to help if I can or point you in the right direction. As far as groups, I'd recommend Men Who Knit (of course), but you can just type keywords of specific interests (needlework or other wise into the search bar under the main tab of "Groups" on the top of the screen and explore. Also, you can click on people's profiles and see which groups their members of and find neat groups that way. Happy belated birthday BTW! Big hugs...


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Thank you, Mill. I took

Thank you, Mill. I took your advice and figured out part of what I need to do. I'll need more time to really absorb the instructions. Thank you kindly for the late birthday wish...the thought of a big hug from you practically has me hyperventilating. LOL Take care - Joe -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.