A question.

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Hello Everybody,
I have a question for you:
Tonight I had a present. Seven coils of silk-tape apparently for knitting or crochet. The tape is about 8mm wide and I estimate about 200 meters in each coil. It is white, very thin and with cut edges. I was told that they could be rainbow-coloured with "silk-paint". I intend to try that, but I haven't got any ideas of how to use it. Can you gentlemen help me? Do you know of any patterns or descriptions of knitting with these silk tapes?
Greetings from a wet Denmark


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I have now dyed the ribbons

I have now dyed the ribbons with yellow and blue (mixes green) and the ribbons looks quite nice. Have made a few swatches, knits up fine on 5mm needles. The ribbons are not bias cut but straight cut (is that the word???). There is not as much as I thought, a test says only about 50m pr coil so 350m to work with. Not enough for a grown woman so I have decided to knit a baby surprise jacket. Thanks for your advise, will post a picture later.

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Yes, there are straight cut

Yes, there are straight cut ribbons. I look forward to seeing how your project turns out. That will be one lucky baby. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Here is a pattern for a silk

Here is a pattern for a silk tape summer sweater which with a little adjustment would make a nice Tshirt.

Good luck with whatever you make.

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Dyeing the silk is

Dyeing the silk is easy...and it takes colour brilliantly!
...check for "ribbon knit" patterns. You might want to knit a swatch to see what your gauge is...the ribbon collapses and scrunches up when you knit it.
I love the stuff! I'm guessing that your tape, with cut edges, is "bias cut"...meaning that the threads are on the diagonal, not straight across or running the length of the tape. That will give you a very flexible "yarn"...should drape well....and the edges will fuzz a bit as you work with the tape.