Third Time Lucky!

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Well hopefully you guys might be reading this, my third attempt to get something on here!!! My computer hasn't been behaving! Just to say a HUGE thankyou for such a warm response to just titles so far!! I'm VERY excited to have found this place to share my knitting-related thoughts, joys and frustrations!! My mother taught me basic stitches when I was just into my teens, and I managed to put together a few scarves and a VERY basic sweater made from rectangles of garter stitch...I seem to remember it looking quite cool under dungarees (EEK!!!). A girlfriend of mine started to knit a couple of years ago, and I picked up some needles one evening with her and haven't stopped since!! I am now an obsessed sock-knitter!!! I've only been working with fingering weights so far, and I'm really keen to move onto more 'cosy fireside-kinda-socks', so if anyone could share a pattern for thicker yarns it would be very much appreciated! I trained in textile design at art school, and I'm finding the pattern maker inside me is being very drawn to FAIR ISLE, so if anyone has any info suitable for a beginner, again it would be very welcome!!! Sorry to go on for so long, but it is my first time!! So please be gentle with me!!!!


Hey Terrible,I love making

Hey Terrible,

I love making socks.  What technique to you prefer...double points, circs, etc? I too am intersted in fair isle and intarsia.  Keep us posted on your progress.