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At the Easton retreat, one of our goodies was a book on knitting socks ("Simple Socks, Plain and Fancy", Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts), and since I hadn't knit socks in a very long time, and because it was an excuse to purchase the Hiya Hiya sock kit, I set out to knit just a simple pair of socks with Patton's Kroy sock yarn. I knit these from the toe up, and it's the first time I've done an invisible cast-on. They were a lot of fun, so now (to join the crowd) I may be hooked on socks too. The tension on my kitchener bind off is a bit suspect on one sock, however ;)



2X2 ribbing will do that

2X2 ribbing will do that ---I like to continue the 2x2 ribbing down the top of the foot until I start decreasing for the toe----I have skinny feet and all that ribbing insures that I dont't have any baggy spots or bunching up in my shoes.

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They look great, and I love

They look great, and I love the colors! Question - why are the cuffs so narrow and the foot part so wide? I've seen some other socks like that but have never had a pair turn out that way; is it something about the way you do your ribbing? Looks like 2x2 ribbing from here...?

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Thank you! You know, the

Thank you! You know, the difference in width between the cuffs and ankle/foot is just the difference between the k2p2 ribbing and stockinette with this yarn. I did notice the Kroy sock yarn is quite "lively" ... if you bring two ends together in a loop, it wraps around itself a bit, so maybe there's either more twist in the singles or the ply when it's spun, and (this is just speculation) maybe that's adding some additional elasticity that's pulling the ribbing together more?

Nothing special about the ribbing though ... the stitches aren't crossed or twisted. Anyone else have any experiences with different yarns and the resulting elasticity of 2x2 ribbing?

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2x2 ribbing is my "go-to"

2x2 ribbing is my "go-to" ribbing for socks and most other ribbing required for my designs. I find it useful in all thicknesses of yarn as it snugs up really well and has a lot of stretch around ankles, calfs, wrists, necks, etc. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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For the socks I cast on for

For the socks I cast on for this morning, I did a k2p2 tubular cast on that I found instructions for here. It makes a nice elastic edge.

You just do a provisional cast-on for half the stitches, knit 4 rows of stockinette, remove the provisional and put stitches on another needle, line the two needles up parallel with purl sides facing, and then with a 3rd needle alternately p2 off the back needle and k2 off the front needle.

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Looks interesting...I may

Looks interesting...I may have to experiment with it sometime. Normally, I cast on over 2 needles held together or on a slightly larger needle to ensure enough stretch. If it is ribbing at the end of a sleeve [knit top down] I knit the last couple of rounds with a slightly larger needle and/or bind off with a larger needle. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Great looking socks.

Great looking socks. Welcome to the gang. I've not tried Kroy but will do so once I get the sock yarn stash depleted enough to justify buying some. [Yes, I do consider sock yarn stash...I have to sit on the suitcase to store it!] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks! :) The Kroy sock

Thanks! :) The Kroy sock yarn isn't the softest, but it's very elastic and is a quarter nylon, so it should wear pretty well I think. It's also the most easily obtainable sock yarn, at least here, since Michael's carries it.

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The socks are beautiful.

The socks are beautiful. Kroy is my favourite.

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Thank you :) I enjoyed

Thank you :) I enjoyed working with the Kroy yarn too!