illusion knitting

I have recently started to try llusion knitting, but i still don't understand how it works so if anyone here knows how it works could you please explain it to me.

thanx alot guys and if any

thanx alot guys and if any one has any more info please post it.

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I'm always learning

I'm always learning something new here; I've never heard of this type of knitting before now.  When you have something to show, please post a photo, I'd love to see it!


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Illusion Knitting, or Shadow

Illusion Knitting, or Shadow Knitting, is much easier than it sounds.  If you Google either one it will lead you to plenty of links about it.  When you start out doing it, it looks like you are just making stripes, but then you look at it from an angle and you can see the image or pattern you've created.

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okay - I double checked my

okay - I double checked my notes:

For the BACKGROUND colour ; on the return row you KNIT the image stitches and PURL the background stitches.

for the FOREGROUND/IMAGE colour, on the return row you KNIT the background stitches and PURL the image stitches.

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okay - illusion knitting is

okay - illusion knitting is basically alternating stipes of two colours - each stripe is two rows. the FIRST row of every stripe is knit.the second row of every stipe is patterned. Usually in each PAIR of stripes, the knits and purls of the pattern row are reversed for the second, 2nd row.

what I never remember without checking it is whether you end up with a garter image on a stockinette background, or a stockinetter image on a garter background. I think it is the latter.

Clear as mud, right? But what it ends up, is you have a "normal" graphed two colour pattern, you work 4 rows for each rows of the graph, the two plain knit rows (one in each colour) and the two pattern rows (one in each colour - the 2nd of which is the reverse of the first).

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