Bow tie

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Finally started the bow tie I mentioned an interest in last January on another posting. The KnitPicks pattern is not as well written as it could be since it is very yarn specific for their product. Plus, I feel the gauge notations [which were already updated once] are all gauge swatch didn't come out to their specifics but, if it had, the finished tie would be appropriate for a clown's costume. Anyhow, with more independent research [and a couple of sessions of higher mathematics with paper and pencil] I find that my project will work out just fine and is actually pretty relaxing to work. A nice break from socks also. [Not that I've totally abandoned them.] Now, I have to figure out which increase will work best in the pattern since they don't tell you which one to use. Although, in all fairness, their directions for the decreasing is very well done. Great way to use up sock yarns, too. Even though I had fun figuring out how to weave in the loose ends for the color changes. Overall, despite the above caveats, I would recommend the pattern to others, offering the changes I noted.


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Be sure to post some pics of

Be sure to post some pics of the finished tie. I commend you for figuring it all out and sticking with it.

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Thank you, Jack. I'm pretty

Thank you, Jack. I'm pretty computer challenged and don't have the equipment to post photos. Maybe I can prevail upon Quinton [or other friends] to help me post a photo. If it wasn't for a friend - and my innate stubborness - I'd probably just frog it and move on. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Well, some of us feel (Bob)

Well, some of us feel (Bob) that the only appropriate place for bow ties is on a clown, I'm sure though, you and your higher math will make it all work out grandly. But's that's just cuz I know you and have great confidence in both your knitting and math skills.

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Well, you have more

Well, you have more confidence in my math skills than I do...I'm lucky to have the checkbook balance properly. That's one of the reasons I design so many of my projects on the needles. I don't wear ties as a rule, so bowties will probably never be around my neck. However, I do think they work for others - besides clowns. Thanks for the nice comments. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.