First double knit hat

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This is my first dk hat. The pattern is called “doubleknitski, one warm-a** double knit ski cap” by Alison Hansel from The Blue Blog. It’s free on the web. The pattern calls for working one color at a time while slipping the other color. This means that each round must be done twice. I didn’t do that. Since I use the PK method, there was no need for that and I did both colors at the same time. Also the pattern calls for a solid color hat with one stripe of the other color. I decided to do a Fair Isle motif instead. I suspect that would have been too difficult (too much to keep track of) if I had used the slip stitch method.

It really is a very, very warm hat. Because it’s double-layered it traps heat well. The hat was made for a friend at work who had cancer and lost all her hair with the chemo. Happily she’s better now and her hair is coming back.

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Cool hat. I've never tried

Cool hat. I've never tried double knit. I did a hat with double strands of wool yarn on a loom that's just plain too warm to wear unless it's really cold. I imagine this is similar.

What's PK? I don't know that term.

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Great Job, Tom! you're

Great Job, Tom! you're really amazing with color work! :)


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Thanks, Kyle. Thanks so

Thanks, Kyle. Thanks so much too for posting those videos. They are a great resource.

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That's beautiful!!! The

That's beautiful!!! The motif and colors are terrific. Can you add of pic of you or someone wearing it? I'd love to see it in "action". Congrats on a beautiful hat!!

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Thanks, Frank. The fit

Thanks, Frank. The fit turned out to be the not-so-fabulous part of this first hat. If my friend, Diana, had a tall, cylindrical, silo-shaped head the hat would have been a perfect fit. She ended up turning the edge of the hat up when she wore it (she’d look like a cone head if she didn’t) so the inside of the hat (mirror image) showed. She said she liked it and it did keep her head warm but if I ever do another one of these I think I’m going to have to totally rethink it.

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What a great hat! It came

What a great hat! It came out splendidly. I've never tried double knitting but this has inspired me. I like the colours and am especially fond of the design (nordic star, I think it's caled). Sometimes, I get fooled by knitted garments. I assume that because they are knitted in wool they will be warm as but in reality they aren't. This double layer of fabric would do the trick. And, I must add that I'm impressed that you did it all PK! This is a wonderful gift.

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Thanks, Jesse. And you are

Thanks, Jesse. And you are absolutely right about double knit garments being warm. I’ve been making some dk fingerless gloves for a friend with arthritis in her wrists. She wears them day and night, and says the warmth helps a lot.

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Very nice work, Tom. I'm

Very nice work, Tom. I'm using double knitting for a bowtie at the moment; once you get the hang of it, it isn't too hard to do. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks, Joe. Man, it’s

Thanks, Joe. Man, it’s great to hear that somebody else is doing some double knitting. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your experience with it. I sure wish there was some way we could see a picture of the bow tie...

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Tom, it is a beautiful hat

Tom, it is a beautiful hat I admire your ability with Portuguese knitting.

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Thank you very much, Ron.

Thank you very much, Ron. PK was the easiest way for me to go when I was starting out but Bob’s (in Istanbul) comments about continental and ribbing have made me want to get completely fluent in continental. I’m enjoying it.

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Excellent workmanship! You

Excellent workmanship! You are a very talented artisan. I'm sure your friend will enjoy it. I pray that her chemo went well and that her cancer is no longer an issue.

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Thanks, Mark. I certainly

Thanks, Mark. I certainly hope to be a fiber artisan one day but at 22 months, I’m still a newbie splashing around at the shallow end of this craft. I’m having fun doing it though! And yeah, my friend, Diana, is over the cancer and back at work. Thanks for your kind thoughts.