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Hail Knitter Dudes: I'm looking at a pattern that has a P3 tog through the back loop. Well, since I love all things knitted in the round, what would this stitch be on the front side, K3 front?




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It really depends on the

It really depends on the details of your pattern. Is the twist a part of the design on the K side?

As stated above, the P2togTBL and the P3togTBL will make a twisted st on the right side and the decrease is left-leaning.

To match the twist and lean, you K3togtbl.

But if you don't want the twist, you would SSSK3tog. (You're actually knitting them together TBL, but in executing it, you insert the left needle into the 3 sts on the right needle. Same as doing a SSK decrease.)

I like doing a short-rowed toe in my socks, and the SSSP3tog is part of it. Some people have difficulty executing it.

I have cheated on

I have cheated on instructions like this and used a crochet hook--not really giving much notice as to which way it leaned, just which way it was easier to get the hook thru the 3 stitches.

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I was intrigued by your

I was intrigued by your question so I cast on a little swatch of just 12 stitches and experimented. It looks to me that the corresponding double decrease would be “knit 3 through the back loops” which produces a left-leaning decrease like the “purl 3 together through back loops.” If you just knit 3 together you get a right-leaning decrease that doesn’t match the p3tog through the back loops.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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Let me figure out exactly

Let me figure out exactly what you're asking - at first I thought it was straightforward but when you mentioned front side, then I started thinking too much...

Is it a regular P3tog that occurs on the wrong side of a piece of flat knitting?

Or is it a P3tog where the needle is inserted through the backs (left to right) of three stitches, on the wrong side, giving a twist to the stitches?

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Well, a regular p2 tog b

Well, a regular p2 tog b would go through the back loops from left to right giving it a twist. So, this would be the same but through 3 loops.

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