Knitterhood of the traveling socks

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Gotta love a good road trip... it was a great morning at Castle Valley.

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And here I thought there was

And here I thought there was gonna be some sock sharing going on... a pair that magically fits each wearer perfectly!

What beautiful pictures, though!

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Brave souls [your partner

Brave souls [your partner and you] for sharing a tent with 4 dogs. Hope you are all enjoying the trip. The sock looks good - for being upside down. ;-P Can't wait to see it in person. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Sounds like Doggy

Sounds like Doggy Heaven----all these new places to smell and all these new things to pee on and also getting to ride in the Car!!!

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What beautiful dogs!!!

What beautiful dogs!!!

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Thanks. Its the danes first

Thanks. Its the danes first camping trip. Firat night in a tent was a little stressful but he's loving it.

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That Dane is stunning...I've

That Dane is stunning...I've never seen a spotted/brindle/whatever like that...magnificent colour!