South East Men's Knitting Retreat**Info and Poster!!!

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Just posted more info at the Men's Knitting Retreat Group (SEMKR Forum) on Ravelry. Has price breakdown and links. PM me here or on Rav.

Hello Male Knitters of the South East! Having just finished a mini retreat with my wife, I am now ready to tackle the task of a Men's Knitting Retreat for those of us who live in the South East! I have a date in mind (Veteran's Day weekend), a couple of venues contacted (but not booked--I need someone to check out Asbury Hills in Cleveland, SC), idea for field trip, and list of donors to contact (whew!). If you are interested, please contact me by PM here or on Ravelry so I can begin to pursue all of the above to make this happen! Come on Southern male knitters. Let's make this happen!

Hey Ya’ll,
A hearty southern greeting to the male knitters of the south east! I think I finally am beginning to figure this whole thing out so....It’s time to start planning the South East Men’s Knitting Retreat 2011!!!!
Veteran’s Day is far enough out for planning and preparation for this event and this year, Veteran’s Day long weekend is Friday, November 11th through Sunday, November 13th. I’ve confirmed this weekend with Sarah at Asbury Hills and they are very excited to have us. We will either be in Creekside or Batson depending on the number of attendees. I would like to have at least 10 of us to make it worthwhile. I also need a show of hand/commitment before I can make a deposit on the Reservation.
Friday, Nov. 11(3 pm-ish)-Sunday, Nov. 13 (11 am-ish)
Here’s the fee/price breakdown per person:
$124.50 - housing for 1day/2 nights (Fri dinner-Sun breakfast, includes 5 meals & LINENS!!!)
Add $50 for private room.
$40 - Admin Fee (this compensates me for my planning and execution time)
$40 - Printing/Supplies Fees/Badges/Thank you cards/postage/phone
$5- Teaching Stipend (To help teachers with their costs and time)
$15 - PayPal Fees (this is now 4% of the total cost and is charged when you transfer money via PayPal)
$225.00 (sharing)($275.00 private room)GRAND TOTAL (does NOT include your air fare, gas, shuttles, special field trips, etc.) (I also rounded up on paypal fees and to whole dollar to cover 2 transfers: you to me then me to Retreat center)
Check-In Time is 3pm (11/11), Check-Out Time is 11am (11/13)
I have to pay deposit to hold our spot. We need at least 8 to hold 1 building and 12 to hold the second building (20 total). I can book the buildings as we fill up. In order to get both buildings there would be some sharing of rooms.
There will be ABSOLUTELY no refunds, once we reach the 30 Day mark 10/11)

I have given Asbury Hills our request for reservation but we don’t officially have the reservation until I make the deposit. I’ll be signing the contract within the next 60 days. I need to be able to book the reservation soon so no one else books the spot. The sooner you can reserve and make your payment, the sooner I can sign the contract. If you’re interested in going, please let me know on this forum and I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal.
I’ll be crafting a poster, but with pictures from other retreats! When, it’s ready, I’ll include a link and how to get a copy for promoting to your networks/contacts.
May I get a show of “hands” from those of you interested in attending this year?
I look forward to seeing all your faces for this year’s retreat! Please share this with anyone I’ve overlooked or that you think would like to join us.
Thanks, Gents!!!

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Hey all you lookers out

Hey all you lookers out there, we have approximately 5-7 places left at our retreat. Get a spot before it is gone!

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I've added a thread and the

I've added a thread and the poster link to Cozy's (Durham) presence on Ravelry and have also sent the link to the shop in Chapel Hill (yarns etc) --- the owner will put up posters there and in her Raleigh shop (Great Yarns).

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Thanks Tom. I went ahead

Thanks Tom. I went ahead and reserved the larger cabin. Still interested in dyeing? I tried it this weekend and it was great!

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Hey guys! I need one more

Hey guys! I need one more registration to upgrade our reservation to the larger cabin. The sooner I get it the sooner I can change the reservation. You can also check out the new Facebook page: South East Men's Knitting Retreat.

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Our numbers are growing. If

Our numbers are growing. If we can add 2 more guys, I can switch us to the larger cabin. Keep spreading the word!

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Hey, can I get the exact

Hey, can I get the exact address for the retreat so I can mapquest it and see exactly how far it is from me. I live in Norfolk, Va. Thinking about attending but need to check on dates and distance, thanks, James

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For those who may be

For those who may be concerned about the venue for the Southeast Retreat. Venue was chosen due to cost (main reason), rooms, and proximity to field trip. In our troubled economy (and the fact that I myself am on a teacher's salary) I wanted the retreat to be affordable to all who wished to attend. I also wanted us to not worry about food, linens, costs, or other minor items that may get in the way of our enjoyment. Yes the Retreat center is billed as Methodist, however, after speaking with them on this issue, they assured me that all our attendees would welcomed, with no bias toward race, gender, or sexual orientation. I hope that this will help you in your decision to join us at what I hope will be the first of many Southeast Men's Knitting Retreats.

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Of course you guys do one of

Of course you guys do one of these when I now live in the north. Lol. But then again, I'll always be a southern boy

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You could always take a road

You could always take a road trip! We'd love to have you visit.

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Welcome back,

Welcome back, Thomas!
...we've missed you!

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Yeah, I haven't really spent

Yeah, I haven't really spent much time on the computer lately. I've just been spinning and knitting and workin' at Purl Soho in Manhattan. Blog post to come soon about it all.

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Nice! I look forward to

Nice! I look forward to that blog post. Purl Soho is fun.

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There is a guy in north

There is a guy in north Georgia that owns a small campground with facilities for camping as well as cabins for rent. He is also a knitter and has tried to organize a knitting retreat or two, sometimes without success. If you would like to know his info for future reference, let me know and I will retrieve it from my addresses.

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I think it is great that you

I think it is great that you are organizing this and I was happy to see one on the east coast where I might be able to attend (since I'm too chicken to fly). If I may put in my two cents though, I would not, as a gay man, feel comfortable coming to an event at a place that advertises itself as a place for "Christian Birth, Growth, and Renewal." I'm sure my opinion is not the majority here, but it's still my opinion. If for some reason this venue doesn't work out in the future, I'd certainly be interested in attending a gathering in the south east.

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You've got my number!

You've got my number!

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Dude, I'd love to go! Kee me

Dude, I'd love to go! Kee me posted if you need locations around the Orlando area checked out.

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Thanks Gregory, I am trying

Thanks Gregory, I am trying to keep it mid south east for those who have to travel from points north, and like you from Orlando.