Favourite Sock books

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I just noticed that Knitpicks has a sale on sock books and I am itching to spend money. I really don't need the basics but wondered if there are sock books that any of you have bought that you are really, really happy that you picked up. - Phil


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Thanks for all of the

Thanks for all of the helpful comments guys. I'll be using this as motivation to get me out of my classic pattern sock rut! -Phil

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Hi Phil...before I left

Hi Phil...before I left Romni I bought a sock book "The Enchanted Sole", I just love it and have knit the Tree of Life Socks. It is pretty to look at even if you don't knit them lol.

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Actually, the simple $1.00

Actually, the simple $1.00 flyer I bought at Joanne's one day for basic socks has always been the best for myself. Once you get the basics, the turning of the heel, the cuff, working toes, you can design your own in no time. But, I will say "Knitting With Balls" has two really great socks patterns, in two different styles. Hiking boot socks and sandle socks. Each done slightly differently, but each pulling off the same idea: if you know the workings of how a sock is made (the basic idea) you can get butt ass, wild man crazy with your imagination. Sock on, man!

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Thanks for the suggestions

Thanks for the suggestions and advice guys.
I am a creature of habit when it comes to socks and for over a decade have been using a classic pattern, dpns and all and changing the top and bands of colour around to suit me. But I wanted to mix it up a bit and see what the rest of the knitting world is doing. I started a pair on magic loop a couple of months ago and was surprised to discover how much I like it - especially when travelling. So, after checking out reviews and reading excerpts I finally gave in to Knitpicks sale and ordered two books for a song " Sensational Socks" and Johnson's "Socks from the Toe Up". I'm looking forward to the read and the pretty pictures :-) I might even make some socks!
Thanks again -Phil

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Both of those have lots of

Both of those have lots of good points to them. I'm not too familiar with Johnson's book but I hope you enjoy them a lot. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

I am a toe up knitter who

I am a toe up knitter who always works two socks at the same time on one circular needle. I don't like the two-circular needle method, seems to me I am wrestling an octopus. I have no problem with one circular needle and two yarns. I am a complex fella! lol

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LOL! ("wrestling an

LOL! ("wrestling an octopus!") I like going cuff down, using 4 double pointed needles, only because I look like a knitting ninja with numchucks! Swirling sharp needles flying through my fingers.....sexy. Hot.

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Can't really jump on any

Can't really jump on any particular book but I do recommend looking over th selection quite thoroughly. Your local library may have a selection to browse, along with your LYSs and bookshops. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

I am a top down sock knitter

I am a top down sock knitter and I knit one sock at a time on dpns. I heartily dislike and avoid all books that use circular needles and go from toe to top,and sometimes do both socks at once. If you are fond of or want to try the toe-up method, there are many, many to choose from-----I am also looking for a really good sock book that starts at the top. Meantime I keep on using the EZ basic sock method and add whatever stitch patterns I want on the top.