Real Person??

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I was just reading over some of the members' profiles and noticed that I am the only one who has the term Real Person showing under my name. I tried unchecking that in my profile content, but got an error that said it must be checked. Why is that? Unlike Obama, I haven't shown my birth certificate, but I swear it's me! :) I was just wondering if I did something improperly so that I have to check the Real Person box. Any suggestions?


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Thanks for all the comments,

Thanks for all the comments, guys. I figured out that it shows up when I look at my own profile, but not when someone else looks at it. I guess we all see ourselves differently than others see us. Sometimes that's a good thing! LOL

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Mark, on My Account and

Mark, on My Account and below my name it says "Real Person." Just an F.Y.I. Sid

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Real people love to knit (or

Real people love to knit (or love those who do).

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Oh, NOOOs...I thought I was

Oh, NOOOs...I thought I was just a pigment of my make believe evil triplet Skippy's imagination! [Actually, I seem to remember it being a way to stop spammers and such.] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I have *such* a great

I have *such* a great imagination -

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*I* am just a cleverly

*I* am just a cleverly written shell script. ;-]

I too purport to be a real

I too purport to be a real person...

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
Once you become a real person there is no turning back

I'm a "Real Person", too.

I'm a "Real Person", too. It's nice to have one's existence affirmed occasionally. I can go the rest of the day confident that I am real.

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still debating whether to

still debating whether to claim real person status. weighing pros and cons at the moment. will get back to you

i'm only angry when i'm NOT knitting

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My recollection, too, is

My recollection, too, is that it's an anti-spam catch.

Glad to know you're not imaginary, though! I hope it wasn't a surprise when you found out. :-)

Grace and peace,

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I have that against my name

I have that against my name too :)

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My profile also says "Real

My profile also says "Real Person" - I think this came up once before and I think Darrel said it had something to do with combating spammers or something like that.