A New Mobile Chat Community For Male Knitters Only

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Hey guys I just started a new mobile chat group on upoc.com that is strictly for male knitters only.  I thought this would be something fun for those of you who enjoy text messaging on your cellphones.  It is a private group.  You will have to send request to join and wait for my approval.  I did this to keep the group safe and fun.

Here's the address for the group if your interested:  http://upoc.com/group.jsp?group=maleknitters  

 For those of you not familiar with upoc.com and mobile chat communities you can go here ---> http://www.upoc.com/help.jsp#moreInfo to find out what upoc is all about and how to use it.


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Well so far only one person

Well so far only one person besides myself joined up lol.  It may not be as much of a popular or interesting thing as I thought it would be.  Oh well it was worth a try I guess.


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Well, Shoot.  Don't have a

Well, Shoot.  Don't have a cell phone, still using dixie cups, Pidgeons, the odd Owl.  Keep us posted on how well it goes, ok?

~Mike in Tampa (who hates being the last Luddite on the planet . . . . )  

 आदि लक्ष्मी 

~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker

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First Time = A Mistake

2nd Time = A Mistake

3rd Time = A Pattern!


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Hey, Krazy . .  I clicked

Hey, Krazy . .  I clicked on your link to join, and I got a page that said "maleknitters does not exist". .  . ???

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The group is there, I just

The group is there, I just added a member. 

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