2 Crocheted afghans completed.

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Rainbow squares afghan is done first in the original traditional black border, and next in a color that more closely resembles Ravens Purple, since I live in Ravens territory of Baltimore. The black one is going as a surprise birthday gift to a friend who LOVES that style of afghan. Very easy to crochet. I avoided having loads of little ends to tuck in by slip stitching the working flower to the rest of the afghan as I worked it, instead of sewing each point according to directions. (My way was easier.) I like both afghans but I am more drawn to the black bordered one.

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They are awesome, my

They are awesome, my favorite kind of afghan, and I hope to make one like it on the loom someday!


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Very nice, Jim. The purple

Very nice, Jim. The purple is nice...I could see that background against a lot of shades of red and orange. But that black border really does "zing". -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Beautiful afghans you have

Beautiful afghans you have made. This is a good project to make if you have extra yarn lying around.

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Beautiful afghans, the black

Beautiful afghans, the black border makes the colours zing.

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Great job. You can be very

Great job. You can be very proud of them.

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I am always in awe of anyone

I am always in awe of anyone who completes a pieced project. I have problems when it's TWO pieces...

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Great job, they both look

Great job, they both look wonderful!

I would treasure either one

I would treasure either one of those afghans----But I am very partial to the purple background. The way you arranged the colors make these very happy ----- I could use one of them for a nap-time right now!

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Those afghans are just

Those afghans are just amazing Jim and a lot of work!! I love the dispersion of colors!

The Knitting Mill

Both of them are amazing and

Both of them are amazing and so beautiful.

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