Tracey Ullman, knitting book launch.

Many know Tracey Ullman as an award-winning comedian, actress, writer, and producer. But she's also an avid knitter -- and she will be at the Barnes & Noble, Union Square, NYC location on the 29th of September to share a few yarns from KNIT 2 TOGETHER, a book on knitting she has co-written which is being described as passionate and funny, serious and spirited.

Barnes & Noble, Union Square, NYC


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ah yes!! 'earth girls are

ah yes!! 'earth girls are easy', who could forget!?!?!

martin, also try to take some pics if you make it up there. i'll have to keep an eye out for the book...

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Martin, if you have an

Martin, if you have an opportunity to go, you'll have to let us know what your experience was like.  I really enjoy her talent!

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You forgot singer. That's

You forgot singer. That's how I first knew of her.

 Too bad Union Square's so damn far away.