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Every month or so I get a list of recommended titles from my local library. One of the titles this time is “Yarn”. Here's the blurb.

Master tailor, Tane Cedar, wields his “Mini-Air-Juki,” handheld sewing machine, like a light-saber as a top designer to the world's elite, from debauched Seattlehama to Antarctica's wastelands. Fashion police meet the war on drugs when a fugitive revolutionary (and Tane's former lover) shows up with only 24 hours to live and a dying wish: a coat made from the illegal psychotropic Xi-yarn that can alleviate her final agonies. Tane's dangerous quest is an SF adventure rife with wry, brilliant (if bleak) social commentary. If you like SF techno-thrillers with a social conscience--like Gattica or Bladerunner--then Yarn will be just your style.

I checked to see if it was available as an e-book or a book on tape. No such luck. I used to be quite a reader until I started knitting...


I'll wait until "Yarn" comes

I'll wait until "Yarn" comes out on audiobook. I'll recommend it to my local library. I, too, knit or spin while listening to an audiobook or watching a DVD, especially if the pattern is simple or has easy repeats; I gave up television. I can spin while reading if the book is hardback and the pages will lie flat. About the only time I actually read a book now is when I am in a bathtub of hot water relaxing overworked muscles, and I read until I start getting chilled or fall asleep, whichever comes first.

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:-) Nehkhasi

:-) Nehkhasi

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So he has 24 hours to obtain

So he has 24 hours to obtain an illegal fiber AND make her a garment? uh-huh.....

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Mario, remember this is a

Mario, remember this is a man with a sewing machine he wields like a light saber. Imagine what the man can do with a knittingmachine!?! I hear you on the reading Tom. Most of my books of late have been audio books downloaded off iTunes. It feels like a guilty pleasure if I pick up real bound book and read instrad of work on something that someone is expecting.

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So that's how Q combines the

So that's how Q combines the two. Kudos. When I tried it, I found myself just sitting and listening to the book, not knitting. I can knit with music, and some television or movies, just not that well with books. One or the other always grabs my attention, most of the time. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.