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A friend and coworker is due in May. This is a stash-buster baby blanket. The point was to try to get through some stash and, as you can imagine, I ended up having to buy three skeins to finish the project! Oh well.

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Wow Frank!!! That blanket is

Wow Frank!!! That blanket is GORGEOUS and I have to echo Bob's sentiment of wanting one for myself! You always have such a great way of combining bold colors and a modern esthetic!

The Knitting Mill

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Thanks Mill!! It's funny -

Thanks Mill!! It's funny - I don't like to make things cotton candy pink or sky blue for baby girls or boys. I've actually heard comments like "You're going to use those colors for a baby?" I've got a baby sweater in the works now that's basically olive green and a dark mustard/gold. I tend to favor olive greens a bit too much I think. Oh well.

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That's just a great blanket

That's just a great blanket - I want one with exactly those colors for myself :-)

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Very nice knitting. It

Very nice knitting. It reminds me of the seed stitch afghans I make [other than PI Shawl based] for babies/gifts. I wrote up the instructions and posted them when we were putting together the blanket for our dear, departed Jason. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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My favourite design!! And

My favourite design!! And you did such a lovely job. The baby is going to love it.
I can't tell from the photo how you finished it. Can you let us know?

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I thought about how I left

I thought about how I left that out!! Especially considering it was something I'd never done before. I did a crochet border. My pal Brady showed me how to do it. I have know idea what the stitch is technically called. But basically, I bound off and then went back with a crochet hook. I started one chain of two stitches and then for each bound-off stitch, I went into the stitch with the crochet hook, wrapped the yarn and pulled it back through and then went up the chain two stitches. At each corner, I increased one stitch on either side of the corner stitch. So my first project ever that involved some crochet!!! Thanks for asking!!

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Crochet borders are fun to

Crochet borders are fun to add onto knitting. I don't do it a lot but I like the challenge of trying to keep everything flat and have a pattern that compliments the knitting. Now, thanks to Mill's posting, I would like to have the chance to do a knitted section after crochet. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I love it! You remind me

I love it! You remind me that I have two coworkers having babies in the next few months. I better get busy.

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Seems like there are ALWAYS

Seems like there are ALWAYS babies to be had!! Thanks Buck!

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That is really nice and

That is really nice and don't worry about having to buy more yarn lol. As my partner says "don't sweat the small stuff."