Planet Purl Videos

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There are so many online tutorials now. They are so helpful. Recently, I was trying to become more familiar with entrelac knitting. So, off to I went. I found Planet Purl and found her tutorials to be very informative and she has a good way of teaching; nice closeups and few out-of-frame stitch demos.

Planet Purl Tutorials
To see all of her videos, click on "Uploads (86)" just above the first video on the left-hand side. YouTube's interface can be confusing.

Of course there are many more, but this is the most recent. I am so grateful for all the folks out there who are confident enough to upload demos to YouTube.


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Thanks for posting Mark!

Thanks for posting Mark! That was totally a good find. I <3 YouTube!
The Knitting Mill

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Nice find!! I can't wait to

Nice find!! I can't wait to try those out! I like KnittingHelp's videos but I think PlanetPurl has a lot more of them. Thanks for the heads up!

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Thank you for that link!

Thank you for that link! ...those are very clear, helpful videos.