Caught blue-handed

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I'm helping a colleague adding sleeves to the cardigan she is knitting. Not only my hands are proof of surplus dye: you can also see the difference between the sleeve cap I have made and the body, which she made and washed before handing the project to me.

I like sleeve caps but I also like knitted-on sleeves, so I'm experimenting with different ways to combine the two using short rows.

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My first thought when I saw

My first thought when I saw the pics was that it must be indigo dye. We did some indigo dyeing at the MFKR last year and it was a blast. I noticed when I got home and started knitting with the yarn that the dye was coming off in my hands. I agree with Mr. Strong - you do have nice hands.

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Indigo dyeing sounds like a

Indigo dyeing sounds like a lot of fun - hope I will get the opportunity to try it some day. Fortunately, blue is my favourite colour, so I didn't really mind having blue hands. My current project, a white lace shawl, made me worry about not being able to wash it off, though: I don't love blue THAT much.

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No matter the amount of dye,

No matter the amount of dye, you still have great looking hands!

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:-) Thanks!

:-) Thanks!

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This is known as "crocking".

This is known as "crocking". Crocking is simply the transfer of color from a fabric onto another white test fabric. The more color is transferred, the more the fabric "crocks". This occurs most often with indigo. Darker indigo colors are very prone to crocking. Going slow and building up the layers slowly, up to 30, are used to get a non-crocking deep, dark indigo color. The indigo in the dye pot needs to be replenished as it is used up. This is because indigo is not a dye in the same sense as other colours. Indigo is a coating colour. That is why you build up layers to get the darker shades. It does not penetrate and actually become part of the fibre as do other dyes. These layers wil come off easily. We all know what happens with blue jeans if you wear them without washing them several times first!

One solution to crocking:

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Were you sitting in the back

Were you sitting in the back row of the movie theatre with Papa Smurf? Naughty boy!

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Oh YOU naughty boy!!

Oh YOU naughty boy!!