WIP...Blue Willow Shawl

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I wanted to share a project I'm working on. I posted it on my blog, The Knitting Mill, but if you're anything like me, I never seem to have enough time to get around to even half of the knitting blogs I'd like to throughout the week. It's the EZ 100th Anniversary Pi Shawl—Camping from Judy of Mwaa Knits (a free pattern on Ravelry). I interchanged the center paw prints pattern for a modified doily pattern using the "painted doily" technique with 3 strands of sewing thread. I'm knitting the rest in mercerized beadspread weight cotton. It's going to eventually crown my dining table. You can check out my Rav page or blog for more details.


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FAN-tastic! It really looks

FAN-tastic! It really looks great.

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It's absolutely

It's absolutely beautiful!!!! Love your artistry!!!

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Mill, I’ve been trying to

Mill, I’ve been trying to find words that say what the pictures of your project do to me but it’s just beyond my ability to articulate. The center of the project puts me in mind of pictures of galaxies and nebulae from deep space. I have to echo Mark’s words: it takes my breath away. It’s truly extraordinary.

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Thanks so much Tom! If you

Thanks so much Tom! If you were here or I was there, I would hug you...BIG! (",)

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In my imagination you just

In my imagination you just did, Mill. I don’t have words to describe that either. :-)

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that is so BUTCH!!! (grin)

that is so BUTCH!!!
(grin) actually Mill, it's perfectly lovely...and if you do put Willow Ware on it, it should just sing!!!

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LOL...thanks Bill! I'm SO

LOL...thanks Bill! I'm SO BUMMED we missed each other in Boston!!! Oh well, maybe next time!

The Knitting Mill

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Inspirational! I sit in

I sit in amazement as I look at them any projects that are submitted on this website. This one, however, took my breath away! You have to be an incredibly patient and persistent man! Well done. Thank you for the continued inspiration.

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Wow! Thanks Mark! You guys

Wow! Thanks Mark! You guys are all very, very kind. <3<3

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Fantastic! Greg http://www.Lo



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Well it's all been said

Well it's all been said below - I'm just in AWE! I love this piece, degrading softly, very bold colors, is brave and you succeeded beautifully. Mazeltov

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Todah Bob...a great

Todah Bob...a great compliment from someone who's design esthetic I so respect & admire!

The Knitting Mill

Blue and white are right on

Blue and white are right on the top of my Favorites List. This is a gorgeous piece and I will look forward to seeing it completed and on your table. Have crocheted a tablecloth before, but never combined knitting and crochet in the same project. I am going to have to have a go at it!!

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Stunningly beautiful!

Stunningly beautiful!

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That's beautiful Mill! I've

That's beautiful Mill! I've always loved the Blue Willow dishes. This looks just as wonderful.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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What a gorgeous project.

What a gorgeous project. Such talent!!

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Muchas gracias mi amigo!

Muchas gracias mi amigo! Quite literally, 75% of what I have learned is because of being a member of this fraternity and gaining vast knowledge and encouragement from a world of experienced knitters like you.

The Knitting Mill

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What an exciting piece! I

What an exciting piece! I love afghans and shawls and quilts that I can stare at and sink into because of the visual interest created by the designs/colors. Thanks for sharing; it's inspiring.

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That's sweet Willy! I often

That's sweet Willy! I often get inspired perusing your project page on Rav.

The Knitting Mill

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Absolutely fantastic, Mill.

Absolutely fantastic, Mill. I love the PI Shawl and use it a lot for baby afghans and such. I encourage new lace knitters to try it as it is a great way to learn lacework without having to struggle with in-pattern increases and all of the other technical stuff. I love the way this morphed from crochet to knitting and really like the results. I look forward to seeing the finished piece. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Hey Joe, I'm curious and

Hey Joe,
I'm curious and have a few baby blankets to knit, which part of the pattern do you use for your baby afghans.

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I have knit the pattern as

I have knit the pattern as written but have also just plain knit a couple of sections and added lace into the 288 and/or 576 stitch sections. By using baby sport weight yarn and a larger needle -around a US9 - these knit up fairly fast. I just choose patterns that have stitch repeats that fit into those numbers. [Patterns that complement one another is a good practice also.] Often, I just work lace in the 288 stitch section; do the increase round, knit a few rounds plain in the next section and finish it off, finding it more than big enough. For the edging, I either use the sideways garter stitch border or choose a simple lace. Another favorite end practice is to do a series of short row points - like the foundation row of entrelac - around the edge. I have also done one in worsted weight and size US10 or 13 needles but it was HUGE. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks Joe! That's a great

Thanks Joe! That's a great point. It's a wonderful introduction to lace—sort of eases the fear away and builds self confidence with each repetitive motif.
The Knitting Mill

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I agree with Keith Mill. a

I agree with Keith Mill. a stunning piece of work. I hope Suki is staying away from this one.

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Thanks Craig...LOL...I think

Thanks Craig...LOL...I think she has a bit of PTSD as she doesn't even get within 2 feet of anything that looks like lace!

The Knitting Mill

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Couldn't say it any better,

Couldn't say it any better, it is really Stunning.

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Stunning. Absolutely

Stunning. Absolutely stunning. I've never heard of the "painted doily" technique, but I'll be googling it right about now.

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Thanks Keith! It's really

Thanks Keith! It's really easy. You take 3 threads of white (for example) using either sewing thread or "un-plied" embroidery floss and crochet a few rounds with a 7 or 8 steel hook. Then, let's say you want to eventually change to blue, you replace one of the white threads with a blue one and crochet 2-3 more rounds. Next replace another white thread for a blue one and crochet 2-3 rounds. Finally you have all three in blue. It works best on colors that aren't too far apart in saturation. White to baby blue or french blue looks better than white to navy for instance. You get a greater subtlety in the ombre effect. You can then transition from the medium blue to navy. Navaho plying your thread is a big time saver and keeps the process sane. You can also do it in knitting, but I think they call it something different.
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Sounds eminently do-able,

Sounds eminently do-able, thanks. I knit a lot more than I crochet, so I'll give it a whack on whatever I take up next.

Ooh -- a friend just adopted a baby! I think Corinna may get a groovy blanket!