Inspiration Comes in Many Forms

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So, the other day I had a co-worker call me and ask me if I would be willing to use my spare time to knit baby hats for another hospitals nursery. It seems the lady that used to make baby blankets for them is in her 90's and starting to lose her eye site. I know, if I were truly selfless I would make baby blankets, not just hats. But let's face it, I like knitting other projects that I attack.

They had offered to buy me materials for this little under taking, but I declined, it just felt wrong. I can afford the donation from my pay for the little bit of yarn to make a few hats a month. In fact, I went through my stash (which is honestly not big in the world of knitters) and pulled all the partial skeins, or skeins that were never broke into for past projects that did not require the yardage originally bought. I was amazed at the amount of yarn I was able to dig up. Lets just say I'm set for several months. And the best thing... Very little traditional baby colors, and few pastels!

Attached are this weekends start to this project. Please forgive the crappy washed out pics today. And I REALLY should have emptied the incense burning tray. That looks like I'm a smoker. Ask Joe, he can vouch that I am not.

So, here's the point to my posting today. I am making a post new years resolution. I am going to be making at least 6 baby hats a month out of my stash to pass on to my co-worker. And maybe it's more than a resolution, maybe even a challenge. How many of us have these stashes with left over yarn sitting in them? How many of us are holding onto these looking for the perfect project for these "scraps". I'm challenging people to come up with ideas of what to do with these scraps. I won't go so far as to ask people to take away from their own knitting time. But give us some ideas, and those of us who need such projects, might take some inspiration from them.

You guys have a great week!

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I think that using spare

I think that using spare yarn for charity is a brilliant idea. Knitting small things for little one is also a great time to experiment with new stitches that you have been wanting to try. What pattern do you use?

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Worsted or a combination of

Worsted or a combination of smaller yarns to get a similar gauge and size 6'ish needle. I cast on 60, knit in the round until I get 3" including whatever brim I like and throw in a stitch pattern here and there to fit my mood. To start my decreases I K8, K2tog for a round, Knit a round, K 7, K2tog for a round, Knit a round, and so forth until I'm down to about 8 stitches on each of my 3 dpns (or 24 stitches total) and then I continue said decreases every round until i have 6 stitches, thread through and hide my end. Make sense? In other words... I make it all up. I go through life doing that a lot.


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You have been busy, nice

You have been busy, nice hats.

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Nice hats, Q. Ya know...If

Nice hats, Q. Ya know...If I didn't like you so much, I'd have to be jealous of the output from your knitting needles. As it is, if I'd stop that habit of trying to design things as I knit [or changing patterns as I work them] I'd probably get more done. Oh well...I shall just keep plugging along. Good for you on the idea and inspiration of charity items after major projects.* Same to Mill for the thumbless mitts; I give them often to babies but never thought of the hospital use. And Yes, everyone, I can attest that Q is not a smoker. Never has been, to my knowledge. [*Hmmmm...maybe tiny hats instead of dishcloths as a pickup project for those odd moments and travel?] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Well, there were those two

Well, there were those two pot heads I dated for way to long than was necessary... But I rarely actually partook, it was mostly second hand. And you know Joe that I can never let a pattern actually be. I just don't feel the need to write it down or try to remember it. Which speaks greatly for your patience and good organization.

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Spare me my blushes...but

Spare me my blushes...but thank you very much for the compliments. Perhaps I should be more free form but it IS a royal pain trying to reconstruct something after the fact, especially if a year has gone by. Therefore, the almost obsessive note taking. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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That's all righ. Jenny and

That's all righ. Jenny and Alena make you look sedate...

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Well...that is true. But I

Well...that is true. But I thought we aren't supposed to compare ourselves to Alena and Jenny. Or was that just in output of finished items? LOL -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks for the inspiration.

Thanks for the inspiration. I think what you are doing is awesome and I think I will try to personally to knit something I can donate to my hospital after each of my FO's are completed. I know the NICU and PICU at our hospital likes those thumbless mittens with a tie that can not only keep infants hands warm, but more importantly protect lines and tubes from being grabbed accidentally by flailing fingers. They are super simple and take tiny amounts of yarn. I'll follow up with a simple pattern and photo.

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Thanks Millard! Never

Thanks Millard! Never thought abot those myself.