Hunter hat

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I am looking for a pattern for a hunter hat:  The kind that hunters wear, with the fold up or down ear flaps.  Has anyone ever seen one?



IF you design this pattern,

IF you design this pattern, can you bive/sell me a copy? I've been looking for days for a hunter/lumberjack knit pattern.


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I'll second Kerry's

I'll second Kerry's suggestion. There are plenty of ear flap, or chullo, patterns linked from that site that could be adapted to your tastes. I don't know that any of them have a front visor like a standard fleece-lined, sewn fabric hunter cap would have. That might take a bit of ingenuity to do in a knit version.

So how are things coming along on that kilt? 

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There are several ear flap

There are several ear flap hats at , hope you find one you like

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Thanks, but they just have

Thanks, but they just have the same old stocking caps with ear flaps.... Not what I was looking for.  I'll just make my own pattern....what I usually do.  I was just feeling lazy.