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Good morning guys,

I have another question as I work on my sweater. So far only a few tears have been shed over this project lol. But I'm learning a lot. I'm also coming to realize just how much I've learnt in the past year since I started knitting.

I'm nearly finished the first sleeve, I've decided to make it longer than the pattern suggests. I found out from contacting the designer the sleeves are elbow length, which they failed to mention in the pattern. So I've decided to make then 22 inches long, my sleeve length.

So hear comes the question, Where is the right place to take my measurement from?

Do I take it down the center on the sleeve, or do I take it down the edge of the knitted fabric, which ultimately gives me a longer measure.

At first my immediate thought was down the center but after I had completed the pattern as printed, my center was only 14 inches whereas the edge was the 17 1/2 that the pattern talks about...

So needless to say I'm not sure... Any thoughts?


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Hi David, The best body

Hi David,
The best body measurement is from shoulder to wrist(with the arm slightly bent), down the center of the sleeve of the garment.

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great, thank you Craig!

great, thank you Craig!

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So I guess shoulder to wrist

So I guess shoulder to wrist is the most important which on the sweater I would measure down the center of the panel?

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I can't help you with the

I can't help you with the measurement but it looks a nice sweater. What is it called?

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Woven Bands Pullover, the

Woven Bands Pullover, the pattern is in my original post.

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depending on shape of sleeve

depending on shape of sleeve there are two measurements that matter. the first is straight arm from pit to wrist edge.

the second is with modestly bent arm taken from top point of shoulder contact down outside edge of arm to wrist edge

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