Yup, i'm cool... in a nerdy kinda way

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I was all excited when my store got Not Another Teen Knitting Book by Vickie Howell.

 I bought it the 1st day it was on our shelves and immediately decided to whip up the cool nerdy v-neck vest on my knitting machine. I was planning to substitute the yarn, and while working out the calculations, I found a typo.

 I emailed the publisher and Vickie emailed back confirming that I caught a mistake.

So... If you are working this sweater vest, the needles called for are 10.5, not 8 as listed in the pattern.

In the end, I decided that the pattern would end up too snug for me to wear at work and could not be worked on the machine. Instead, I created my own version on Knitware Design. Made the back last night, hope to complete it this weekend.

Is machine knitting cheating?

Maybe, but I can have a new sweater in a under week.

Pass the Cliffs Notes!


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Not cheating, just another

Not cheating, just another way to get to where you wanna go. Why stroll when you can speed. What kind of machine do you have?

Hey JustinI recently bought

Hey Justin

I recently bought an old passap knitting machine -- not sure if it was the best choice as it only takes really thin yarns. What kind of machine are you knitting on?


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I got a bond sweater

I got a bond sweater machine. It can take a lot of different yarns, but no super texture yarns like boucle or chenille. it approximates 5 - 10 1/2 or 11 needle gauges.

Also if you tinker with 2 of em, you can make a 200 needle bed - or as many as you want to add on.

It is pretty basic - only does stockinette & any manipulations are done by hand.

On the plus side, it only costs $150-ish, less if you use a coupon from Michael's or joann.

I would love to have a fancy schmancy machine, but will have to wait till i'm out of school for that.


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Machine knitting.  (I have

Machine knitting.  (I have two machines, as well as a buttload of straight needles, double pointed, circulars, crochet hooks, blahdeblahdeblah....)  It is cheating if you have a machine that can only use thin nasty acrylic and does EVERYTHING  for you.  If you have a knitting frame, where basically you have to do all the work but it just knits a row when you run the carriage across, then it is a tool, just the same as a loom, or a needle, for that matter.

 When do we get to see this nerdy-cool vest?

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Sadly homework ran into my

Sadly homework ran into my knitting time this weekend. someday I will finish it.


Exactly how does one measure a butt-load of needles? sounds unpleasant to say the least.

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Not cheating unless you feel

Not cheating unless you feel that you are cheating yourself out of a good bit of knitting.  Look forward to seeing it on the 18th.

Look at you.... correcting a

Look at you.... correcting a TV personalty. Cojones I tell ya. ;)

Just kidding. That's great that you found the mistake and let them know... and that Vickie wrote back.

I've never knitted with a machine, so I have no opinion whether or not it's cheating. I guess if you still get something you can wear than it's all good. Is it cheating if you drive a Honda to the store instead of a Ford if you get there in the end? Um... well... maybe here in the south it is.

Anyway... pictures?

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I'd hate to know what that

I'd hate to know what that makes my old Mazda.