Every Boy Needs a Puppy

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Every boy who lives out in the woods, or out on a farm, needs the loyal love and companionship of a puppy. I knit this one up, reminiscent of when I was a young boy, when your best friend ran beside you through the summer green, went camping with you, slept aside you during thunderstorms, and was always the first love to greet you when you walked through the front door home from school. Life out here, as quiet and as isolated as it is, reminds of that part of being a boy. The innocence, the loyalty, the friendships.

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He's adorable, puppy or

He's adorable, puppy or possum.

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Alright....so a good friend

Alright....so a good friend of mine just said my puppy looked more like a possom....You think? Damn! All that awfully good writing forced into, "Every Boy Needs a....POSSOM????"

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Not to worry. American

Not to worry. American Possum's have much rattier noses and those long disgusting bare tails. NZ possum have pouches. Come to think of it, so do American possums.

The item iin querstion is much more puppy-like then possum-oid.

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He is cute. I always had

He is cute. I always had cats but our family had dogs as well. Your comments about loved pets sharing your life really struck a chord. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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He's on etsy at the moment.

He's on etsy at the moment. LOL! I love this>"Pathetically cute..." Cheers.

O-ah. Won't somebody come

O-ah. Won't somebody come and play? He's so pathetically, lovably cute. I like the scenery, too. Where is your little guy?