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Just finished a little tablecloth for my breakfast table. I used Marianne Kinzel's "EnglishCrystal". No. 6 cotton and 3.25 needles. I have decided that I really don't like knitting with cotton that much. I am going to try and knit a doily or other cloth with lace weight wool. I would like to try this pattern in Shetland wool and use it as a shawl.

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Very nice work, Ron. That

Very nice work, Ron. That would knit up lovely as a shawl. I knit a Shetland style shawl in fine cotton. Eventually, it will go to my great grandniece Izabella. Cotton is challenging but I find it an interesting break from regular yarns. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Very very beautiful! You

Very very beautiful! You should be proud.

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Well Ron I think the effort

Well Ron I think the effort of working with cotton pays off when you can create this. I too dislike cotton but for doily's and table cloths I think it is the best choice. Great work, it is just beautiful. If you do the shawl, I hope you will post a pic! Again well done.

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Beatiful job - and looks

Beatiful job - and looks like a great choice of yarn too!

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Just beautiful, Ron. Really

Just beautiful, Ron. Really masterful. I’d love to see a shawl done with wool yarn using that pattern. I completely hear you about the cotton yarn. It’s definitely more work that wool yarn. The next time I’ve got a project that calls for cotton yarn, I’m going to investigate cotton/acrylic blends and see what they’re like to work with.

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Beautiful tablecloth Ron,

Beautiful tablecloth Ron, and I agree a shawl would look great in this pattern.

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Beautiful work!! I suppose

Beautiful work!! I suppose it being cotton makes it easy to wash? How long did this project take you? Congrats!!

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It's easy to wash and/or

It's easy to wash and/or bleach. I didn't block it but simply ironed it when it was damp. I guess I could have used some spray starch on it but didn't. I just wanted a little something for this particular table. It took me about 3 weeks.

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Wow! .... Ummm ... I'd be

Wow! .... Ummm ... I'd be really nervous pulling that out at a dinner party ... ketchup ... coffee ... red wine ... it is beautiful!


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Hi Dave, Good to see you

Hi Dave,
Good to see you again. How's Life?

Very nice, I had wondered

Very nice, I had wondered about knitting with cotton that fine. It really turned out beautiful.

Ron, you sure do not fool

Ron, you sure do not fool around! What a BEAUTIFUL cloth! What else is new, yes? :-)