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I've been working on these teddy bears, selling them on Etsy to be able to purchase the supplies necessary for living out here. FOOD. But, I've come to discover something else about working up these little bears that I had not realized until shortly before this blog. I think, with the solitude becoming more and more apparent, that the bears keep me company to some degree. As I work up each of their pieces their personalities come to life, their uniqueness becomes vibrant, and suddenly I remember the reason I was so compelled with this craft: the calming, seductive beauty of forgetting for a while. That's why I started knitting: to forget. And it has either been a curse (read "Mad Man Knitting," or a my little bears.

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So cute! do they sell ok on

So cute! do they sell ok on etsy??

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Oh, man, I would LOVE some

Oh, man, I would LOVE some BBQ about now...and cole slaw....and potato salad...and baked beans....and sweet cornbread....and whiskey. Mercy, I would love a buzz, some sticky fingers, and a good couple of laughs! Cheers back atcha! Gregory.

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Very nice Greg! They do have

Very nice Greg! They do have their own personality. Please stop over and bring you knitting, I'm making BBQ today! Cheers! Sid